Thursday, April 22, 2010

She who must be obeyed!

Meet our aging feline Stickley, faithful Bungalow cat.
She has given us many years of affection, purring and pats.
She has accompanied us on the boat trips in the summer and she does not like the rumble of the twin 350's or the fact that she is surrounded by the ocean and does not like water, except to drink!

The roles are reversed and now it's PAYBACK!
She is 17 and has developed high blood pressure and is hyperthyroid.
So every morning our day starts with many a meow....the food bowl is empty.
We mash 1/4 tablet of an amlodipine between two spoons and then add some cream cheese into the mix and smear it on her lips to lick.
Sounds tasty...she hates it!
Breakfast is kibble and a dish of gourmet chicken a la florentine.
We take the opportunity to rub the compounded pharamceutical cream on the inside of her left ear...right is done at night!

On days that I am at school working she greets me at the door meowing when I get home and the first thing I must do before removing my coat is to top up her chicken a la florentine.
I then put on the kettle and sit to read the snail mail, emails and blogs.

She will purr and settle in for a patting session beside me while I am at the laptop sipping my tea.
Did I mention that she sheds?
Handfuls of fur float to the floor and heaven forbid, I am usually in black...thank goodness for the sticky roll that has become my favourite tool in the cat hair battle.

She has been much better of late, sleeping on our bed at night and sitting beside MR. HB on the leather love seat.
She used to sleep beside him on her blanket until she did a face plant when her retina was detaching...we did not know that she had this condition until this fall alerted us.
We got her to the vet asap and many tests later she is in fine form...ruling the roost here, calling the shots.
We love her dearly and feel that she is living on borrowed time with the help of modern science.

Pavlov and dogs move over!
Stickley is in the house!


  1. Thanks for catching my booboo! I had the right link and right photo just the wrong name! OOPS!

    LOL My email address is on my sidebar too!

  2. Hostess: You really are a hostess, for Stickley too! I´d say, like we say here: She is enjoying cat´s days. I am sure you will be an excellent grandmother too. Time is running short, how many more weeks, or are you counting days already?

  3. She is beautiful. Our furry family members add so much to our lives!

  4. We too have an elderly cat, and recently paid major vet bills to extend his life. He is quietly contented. But as you say, borrowed time- which makes those purrs all the more precious.

  5. I am truly impressed by your heartfelt devotion to your lovely cat. She has such gorgeous coloring! And what a really cute name...

  6. Amazing that your cat is 17 years old! I have always had Siamese, and would give anything, to have had each one of them for 17 years.

    Is Stickley, an indoor cat? Is there anything you think contributes to his long life?

  7. Suburban princess- Oh I missed the email address..I look closer next time.
    Metscan- the official due date is June9th!
    Deja Pseu-I will be lost when she does go...our golden left a huge void when he passed away...we never really get over the loss.
    Duchess- we have much in common
    Gayle Ann Berg-Stickley is the name of a furniture designer from the arts and crafts era!
    Duchess of H- She is an indoor cat as we live in the city. We got her from the SPCA as a kitten and were told to keep her inside...she does go out on our deck as it is gated and so she gets sun and can be outside but in a safe spot and meow at all the birds. As far as her longevity probably genetics and luck.

  8. What a sweet kitty! Enjoy this precious time with her.