Friday, April 9, 2010

Bungalow Blogging: Dinner in a wok, a G&T and a Thrift Shop Find.

Start with a great wok...mine is in Lime by Le Creuset

A variety of fresh veggies: I used mushrooms, celery, onion, pea pods, yellow peppers

Noodles, Braggs, Sweet Chili Chicken sauce

Small amount of protein: You can use Tofu, beef, chicken or pork.
I used skinny slices of lean pork.

In hot oil saute 3 cloves minced garlic not brown or the taste will be bitter!

Put noodles into boiling water for 1 minute and drain, set aside.

Saute veggies

Add pork and stir fry

Add noodles and stir fry some more...
I serve with extra Braggs.

   All that chopping and frying can make a girl thirsty!


P.S. Look what I found at the thrift store!
I was buying a gift certificate at the restaurant near the thrift store for one of our staff who is retiring and I thought ...just go in for a minute and peek.

Denmark, circa 1959

Take it with a grain of salt........Piet and I have some things in common!

Salt mill of choice Peugeot

The salt we use in our mill

All the salts

French salt sifted from the sea...

Imagine the salters in the blue waters of Geurande wearing Breton shirts and berets netting grains of salt for me to use here in the Bungalow!
C'est impossible!


  1. Looks delicious, I will have to look out for your sea salt. We only have Maldern here.

    Aren't gin and tonics so refreshing?

    SSG xxx

  2. I bought this awesome salt in the health food is a mix of sea veggies and sea salt - omg so yummy and so good for you!

  3. Hi Leslie,

    Love your thift store find. Perfect. I like that you use Braggs too.


    Have a happy saturday

  4. Thank you for stopping in and so glad to hear from you. I am going to try this recipe, thanks for the step-by-step instructions. It really helps this visual learner. Happy weekend.

  5. That recipe looks yummy. And Braggs instead of soy sauce? I'm afraid that wouldn't work chez Buxom. Mr. Buxom is a soy sauce addict.

    Love the advice--but what is it? A vase?

  6. Poppy Buxom-Braggs is a healthy type of soy GMO's. all natural, not fermented, no alcohol, no preservatives...made in Santa Barbara, California! Mr. Buxom might not even notice!
    The "advice thrift shop find" is a salt shaker!

    Gift Wrapped Life-Welcome! I love your blog, and am happy that you'll try the recipe!

  7. Looks absolutely delicious and healthy too!! Great find at the thrift shop...I hope you have a lovely evening!


  8. LPC -the wok is fabulous! Heavy of course and it is cast iron so the clean up is a sinch.

  9. Hmm. I like my old steel one, but I wouldn't say it's fabulous...

  10. LPC-Your steel wok is probably well seasoned and trusty.
    I am a bit over the top about my Le Creuset cookware! I cook regularly and find they are great on my ceramic halogen cooktop and my convection oven.

  11. Yummy recipe - you always do the best !! And Fever tree tonic water - my favourite for the most delicious G and T's !