Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post Earth Day, I am going green this weekend.

Maling heavily decorated plate in the back and Franciscan ware in Sprout Green, everyday dishes.

Circa 1950's 

Le Creuset, my go to cookware

Mr. HB built in a wine rack when he designed the kitchen renovation years ago and it still gets play!

Unmarked matte green arts and crafts pottery.
Large cones collected after a windstorm from the heritage tree in the cemetery close to our home.
The cemetery is a lovely space full of interesting gravestones, heritage trees and is a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
It is a surprisingly beautiful place in which to saunter and ponder
replete with
 cacaphonic birdsong and the scrambling of squirrels.


New porch plantings

White geranium in a chipped and crazed Medalta pudding crock

My favourite colour just happens to be green...can you tell?
What colours speak to you?
Is there a colour in your home that you instinctively embrace and use again and again?


  1. Oh Hostess, this is an easy one! Black and white for me.

    Love all your green things. So pretty.


  2. I don´t exactly know. I do like grey and white. White tableware is something I started with, and it is white again. I seem to decorate our home with the same colors, I use in my clothes, black being an exception. I don´t have bright colors. I lack brown, yellow,orange,blue,turquoise and red, to name a few. You too, seem to be interested in details in interior decoration!

  3. Most of my tableware is white too but I do love the look of your green china - very lovely... x

  4. Your greens are so fresh. Our Aga stove is cobalt blue and I have always loved that shade of blue, especially with white, for kitchens. I tend not to decorate with bright colours but like deep, saturated tones. The exception was my childrens' bedrooms, as kids like brights!

  5. Janet- I thought you might say that!
    Metscan-White is classy, I have white as well..grey and white in your home shows up in your blog images, very refined!
    Semi expat-white is more versatile, the green is sheer folly!
    Duchesse- an AGA and cobalt blue...I love Aga's my BFF has a green one, they are the Rolls Royce of cookers! Blue and white together just seem natural as the potters have been coupling these colours since the beginning.

  6. I love your Maling plate. Like the plate I am from Newcastle.
    Maling ware is much loved in the North East of England.