Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Americano's and French novels....

I took my car in for servicing today and had some time to browse downtown...I found an new coffee press gizmo...The Aero Press. My BFF bought one and raved about it and I know it's got to be great as she has excellent taste, she's first class all the way!
Brew the coffee atop a sturdy mug, 
press gently and then add more hot water to the mug and voila you have an Americano. 
(makes 1 - 4 cups)

This is the sturdiest mug I own

I also went to a used book shop and found these books.

Veronique Vienne

sounds like fun

I like this so far....

ooh la la...

Isn't she chic?
This photo was tucked in the book and fell out when I got home.

Nice boots
she could be a blogger!

I loved Chocolat 
and now there are more adventures of Vianne

 There's a mug full of coffee and a book calling my name...
I am carving out some "me time"...
Au revoir.


  1. Oh, that is so neat that that photo was in the book! She is tres chic, you're right! I love to buy used books because you never know what you'll find! Love your little blog world, I am CRAZY for Hermes, and I love your little tag line about making the pedestrian equestrian! So cute! I'm following, can't wait to see more!

  2. Shari-Welcome and I am delighted that you are a follower. Thank you for your kind words...I love blogging and am going to pop over and see your blog now!

  3. Have always wanted to read those books- and your coffee press is tres chic! I am looking forward to drinking coffee again after I have the baby :)

  4. What a lovely escape - good coffee and books.


    SSG xxx

  5. Nothing more perfect - great coffee (and what an amazing coffee maker that looks) and some wondeful books too... ! Wonder who the girl in the photo is though...? x