Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easy peasy dinner, porch pics and garden gossip...

I am finally home after a very busy day in the library...took a fast trip to the Market and grabbed some easy peasy dinner....it is not gourmet, not even close, in fact you might be gobsmacked when you read this...the Hostess is cooking....Turkey hot dogs and sauteed onions...and condiments of course!
Always tastes good on the boat...rarely serve them at home...but tonight I am knackered. I know when to give up and give in...and relax!

I have some bubbly in my glass and Mr. HB is going to be late so I have time to blog a bit.

I took a couple of quick photos of the cushions that I found...went very conservative, some may even think boring but they were quiet and calming. I saw so many wild Hawaiian prints and really bold large details that I think I went into a frenzy. I prefer to be Zen, and the garden is a riot of colour and texture so it seems fitting that the cushions do not compete. I like the way they pick up the 2 tones of paint trim on the windows.
I need to get something else for the table.
 I have a metal vase (which should have some flowers in it!) and a shell...
I think I need a geranium in a pot for a punch of colour and add some interest...
I cannot put too much on there as we use it for our cups of coffee and cocktail glasses!

These are very cushy and soft and fit perfectly.

We frequently have a before dinner drink out here when the weather is conducive and debrief the days events with each other.
I love this time together, we relax and recharge while reconnecting.

Warm sunny weekend mornings we read the paper out here with our coffee.
Neighbours passing stop to chat and some come from across the street to discuss the garden and plants.
I have a habit of dividing up my perennials, and digging other large ones that I am not loving so much and rather than pop them on the compost pile I give them away.
People really like this!

I have heard it said that a gardener shows what she (he) grows and shares what she (he) knows.

Mr. HB made this for me in a minute one day when my paper signs blew away.
I have people asking me in advance of the day that new plants will be put out so they are prepared!
Bring your own bag
(or Bring your own barrow)

 I garden out in front in the yard very close to the sidewalk as the front area is not too deep and it invites all manner of people and conversation flows freely.
It is such an easy way to keep informed about the goings on in the neighbourhood!
Garden gossip.

Do you know what your neighbours are up to?
We do!

It's officially called Neighbourhood Watch.


  1. Your new cushions look great!

    I am the nosy neighbour who knows what everyone is up to - tho I like the title The Glue :O)

  2. Hi Leslie,

    I prefer the white cushions. I can't find white cushions if my life depended on it in So. Calif. Everything is big/bold and bright just what my landscape does not need. I love the phrase "garden gossip" it's cute. We get a lot of walkers going by our house b/c of the park across the street and they all love to stop and chat. I like it.


  3. LOl at your definition of Neughbourhood Watch!!

    SSG xxx

  4. Love your seat cushions and how kind of you to give away plants - wish I lived nearer! x

  5. You made a good choice with the cushions! And so nice to donate the plants, that you don´t need, onwards. Our neighbors, even the ones who live nearest, well I hardly ever see them; too dark in the winter and in the summer, leaves on trees, keep us isolated.

  6. Suburban princess- I believe it's curious, not nosy!

    Janet- I am chanelling the Gardener's cottage!

    SSG- We do watch out for each other and for strangers in the area.

    Semi Expat- If I am not mistaken you are in the UK now, I'd love to visit some of the historic gardens in your area!

    Metscan-You have acres, I have a small lot. Have you visited the blog that I follow called the Duchess of H? She is doing a large home on acreage.

  7. Cushions are perfect. If you wanted you could add a smaller pillow to reflect the season. I love the black cane!

    Your neighbours must love you!!! Your bungalow speaks volumes about your life and personality. Wonderful!!


  8. Jeanne-Such kind words, thank you!
    I thought about introducing black or a black and cream combo but have not seen any that seem right yet.