Friday, April 16, 2010

Dressing casually with a French twist...and bloggers dressing lessons across the miles.

Skinny dark denim jeans, navy and white striped Tee a la Bretonne and a Navy Saint James sweater as worn with red flats.
 I have taken this photo on my waffle weaved duvet cover...
I love fellow blogger Metscan and her divinely chic garments...
she lays them on a sumptuous scalloped throw...go and see her quality gear!
She sizzles in her high end attire.

Feeling tres Francais...
Tish has a fun blog which keep us entertained and informs us on all things French.

I had a wonderful compliment today....
a co-worker asked me if I had lost weight!
(No I have not!)
She said buy more of those jeans then! 

She wears High Wasp well, she was born to it.
She has a firm grasp on class and decorum and peppers it with wit.

I am adoring materfamilias and her forays into fashion. 
She is an academic who lectures, knits, reads, travels, gardens....and 
she is as cute as a button and a very youthful grandmother with a lovely family.
She has been showing us how to dress with a twist.

Karen knows well what to wear.
Go and see what she is talking about!

And see how Deja Pseu has put together her classic ensemble and just look at those shoes!

Fashion should be fun...and personal.
Twist it to suit YOU!

I am challenging you to post your own version of dress up and show us what you are wearing!
Go on, don't be's fun.


  1. Thank you for that lovely compliment. I love your St. James sweater and Breton top above!

  2. Hostess: It is You, who is making all this so fun! I´m blushing, when reading your post where you place all those nice words, concerning my blog. Thanks! Your outfit looks really relaxed, so you!

  3. Hi Leslie,

    I will go check these posts out.

    Ha, ha. Go see what I wore all week!


  4. Love all the ladies that you mention and your outfit is divine Hostess - very chic indeed! x

  5. You ARE a hostess, even on the Internet! Thank you for such a nice review of this community and for including me. There are some seriously stylish women out there, all with their own way of dressing, no? I have certainly been learning a lot from everyone.

  6. I love the way you put your things together. So chic!

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words -- I agree with LPC that you're a charming hostess even here on the internet, bringing this gathering together -- wouldn't it be fun to get this gang together IRL someday . . .

  8. Thanks for coming by and commenting!
    I love the inspirational groupings of what we are all wearing...I am getting ideas too! And I am having such FUN!

    Materfamilias-IRL...It would be fun but I confess it would be really difficult for me to decide what to wear!!!