Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bungalow Hostess is a winner!

Goodness me...I got the call that said I was the lucky winner of an item that I had bid on at the Cancer fundraiser...I had nearly forgotten that I had placed a bid!
I went to pick up and pay for my win.
It is even better than I originally thought...Look it's 2 pendants in one...a transformer of sorts!
This was the side displayed when I placed my bid.
I like the deep grooves and it makes me think of outer space!

This side is a surprise!
This looks like a wooly sheep to me!

  I am familar with the designer Guy(Gilles)Vidal, he is a French Canadian from Montreal Quebec. I am familiar with his creations and have seen many in antique and collectible malls and shops.

He was a popular modernist designer from the 1960's and 1970's. His work is currently very sought after and can be found on internet.

I am wondering what I will wear this has an edgy vibe.
First idea is a white T and jeans...
I'll have to play around with it
 and which side will I choose to wear?

What would you choose?


  1. Congratulations! It is a very interesting piece!

  2. Hmm. This pendant is an unusual one; sculptural and somewhat masculine. Therefore I suggest something feminine along with it. I have no idea what treasures you have in your cupboards, but I´m sure there´s plenty. I´m not suggesting frills, maybe another pendant along with this??

  3. So lovely... congratulations - amazing piece of necklace art.x