Sunday, April 11, 2010

Does your front entry reflect your personality?

I am amused by this cheerful riot of colour and whimsy...
nautical in nature as this is the front of a float home.

Found objects add interest and charm.

An artist resides here. 
He is a welder of metals and uses recycled materials.
These are for sale!

A window box planted with cheery flowers against a blue wall.

This was my "homage to winter vignette" beside the front door a few months ago.

My new plantings

Table and chair are porch ready

The rocking chair on the right is antique and sturdy with a sprung seat as you can see it is missing some canes!


I need cushions for all the chairs so I will go searching for something new to perk up the black.
That I will tackle tomorrow.

What do you have at your front door?
Do you have a porch?
Do you favour a simple uncluttered approach?
Or does your taste run to the more is better eclectic style?


  1. My front porch is dreadful...

  2. I'm with LPC in the land of the dreadful porch. I should get Jeeves to get at that!

  3. Materfamilias-I've seen your view...if I were standing at your door I'd probably be seduced by the sea and garden.

  4. Your spring is so much ahead of ours, I have only brought the dog mattresses into daylight. When everything is complete, I´ll post a picture. We are minimalists over here; inside and out.

  5. Hostess,
    I am in awe of your new plantings.

    My thumbs are not green.

    SSG xxx

  6. Is that new planting succulent called Schwarzkopft? If yes I grow a smaller version!

  7. In the spring I get all of the inpatiens planted in pots and put lots of them at the front door. I used to have a big candle lantern but it broke and is gone now :O( I used to love it! I will have to look for something else like it because I love having a candle burning when company is coming :O)

  8. Cushions are such a great inexpensive way to freshen a porch! And windowboxes always make me smile.

  9. FF- I did not get a tag with it so I defer to your expertise!
    Suburban Princess-Have you seen those battery operated candles? They sound tacky BUT they are real wax, emit a vanilla scent and are can "hide" them inside a hurricane and no one will know...

  10. Frugal scholar-I wasn't expecting that comment!

    Duchesse- I agree cushions are a great way to liven things up inexpensively, and who doesn't love flowers?

  11. I love, love the hanging buoys. I could definitely do better with my entry. It doesn't quite express all of me.

  12. Hi Leslie,

    I love my little tiny porch. It's only like 30 sq ft but I love sitting and watching the world go by. The best part about it is the painted floor. It was a fun afternoon that involved mimosas from the organge grove. Thanks for helping me remember that day.


  13. Think the entrance looks wonderful and love your new plantings and the furniture too...x

  14. Your entrance is so warm and welcoming.

    The only thing on my front door that tells anything about me is a sign telling the UPS guy not to leave stuff because "thefts of deliveries have occurred." Oh, I do have a nice door mat. Maybe I will get a plant. I need something to balance my grumpy sign.

  15. Janet-Mimosas and paint...why didn't I think of that!

    Semi Expat-thank you!

    La Belette Rouge-I had something stolen from my porch once...a cute pair of decorative boots...

  16. You have inspired me to change up my front door plantings. I'm going all textural. Congrats on your originality!

  17. I love your doormat. It's so perfect for your house's era and ambiance.

  18. L'age moyen-When you're ready pics please!

    Jade wombat-This is the second Welcome mat we've had...we wore out the other one! So many visitors...

  19. Wow, so glad to be invited to view. Up late enjoying archives last night. Reminders of our own families laughter and favorite meals to stretch the penny. (IE:Sausage surprise)
    Always knew you were a good writer, designer ,painter ,cook ,gardener......see I was right!!!!!! look forward to continued posts.

  20. Thank you LMBC! welcome to the Bungalow Blog! I hope that you will join in regularly! Sorry to be so long responding to your comment!