Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is the Hostess domestic...or just going through the motions?

Dinner tonight:
A "Hearty" Salad
Spicy Italian sausages
Mac n' Cheese

I am keeping it simple as I have had a very busy day.
I got lots accomplished and feel satisfied.

I helped out my mother, had tea with her and a long visit.
Took dinner to my son and DIL as they are both ill with colds.
DIL is looking radiant with only 8 weeks to go in her pregnancy!
I tackled weeding the driveway, which is gravel, luckily it is only about 20 feet long.
It was sunny this morning when I woke up and now it is drizzling rain and the skies are dark and ominous looking.

I did some ironing and for me that is a big deal.
I am not very good at keeping on top of it, I let it pile up and then do it all at once.
Ironing= Procrastination in the Humble Bungalow.
I have a great iron, and a portable board,
so no excuses...
 I do dislike the screeching sound when I open it up, maybe that's off putting enough that I ignore the wrinkled shirts hanging around the laundry room.

I even iron tee shirts!

How does one iron this puffy sleeve?

What was Ralph thinking
maybe a steamer instead of an iron?

It really doesn't matter, I iron most of the shirt and skip the pouffy bits.
I still love this shirt and it is 3 years old if memory serves me.

I love easy peasy dinners after a busy day.
What do you cook on a busy day?


  1. I think the Hostess is domestic. The salad looks delicious - and you iron your t-shirts, I never bother with mine. Though if I have anything tricky like the RL shirt I do the same, just iron everything else, leave the complicated bits and hope no-one notices!

  2. Ironing -- something I do as well, every few months, that is! But I'm pretty good at grabbing things out of the dryer quickly to avoid wrinkles. I've even been known to throw crinkled items back in the dryer with a damp towel 'til they unwrinkle. . .

  3. That's a beautiful blouse. You might find a sleeve board, a little board that sits on top of your board (when you need it) useful. My Aunt Alfhild always ironed with a glass of sherry at hand; she said "It makes the iron go so much faster".

  4. Duchess- a glass of sherry sounds very fitting for an aunt named Alfhild....I had a great aunt named Tirzah...and she LOVED her tipple!

  5. I try to avoid ironing whenever possible, but my steamer gets plenty of use.
    A professional grade steamer, makes getting dressed, so easy, and it seems to refresh clothes,so they require less dry cleaning.

    I also steam my Hermes scarves, just keeping clear of the hems.

    I even steam the bed linens,right on the bed.