Monday, April 26, 2010

The Gardener's Cottage has challenged me...and will the 10 I choose accept the challenge!

Janet at The Gardeners' Cottage has challenged me!
I am to post my 6th blog image and tell why I posted it.

I posted this because I actually found this heart rock on the beach!
The one with the circle is not as rare but things in nature do inspire me.

I will copy what I wrote back at the 6th....

Humble Bungalow is a small and modest home in which to reside. I have often looked at the Real Estate listings and in particular, at larger Craftsman homes of a similar vintage with thoughts of storage and closets and room for "stuff." I swoon for storage!
I do collect stuff. Natural stuff. Free stuff. Stuff without packaging. Stuff with lots of packaging. No name stuff, brand name stuff. Vintage stuff. Stuff that speaks to me, makes my heart sing, makes me smile.
When new stuff comes in, old stuff goes out. I donate to our local Hospice Thrift Shop which is staffed by an energetic group of women and as I drop off my donations I cruise through the shop just in case I spy some new gem needing a home in the humble bungalow. I am always surprised to see the quality and variety of items that they have in the shop.

I had to smile when I spied this rock at the beach on one of my walks to the waterfront. I carried it home and it sits on the window ledge beside my laptop in the kitchen. I cannot imagine ever parting with it!

So part of my challenge is to get 10 bloggers to post their 6th and tell why...
here is my requested list and I hope that you are following and can oblige!

Pop by and visit these lovely will want to follow them on their daily round!


  1. Nice find...I am a rock collector too, can't resist!

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for accepting so quickly!

    Just last week while digging in the garden I found a rock shaped like a little heart. I place it in the middle of my bed in my treatment room at work. It is so sweet and yet powerful.


  3. Wow! Thank you for picking me too :) I started this blogging a few months ago, when it was cold and snowy. I just hope my sixth post is not about snow...

  4. I love finding heart rocks. I have quite a few that I have found throughout the years.

    That's a great blog reading list you have there. There are a few I don't know and will be sure to stop by and visit them.

  5. Hi all..we have had a power outage for 5 hours...can you believe it? I cannot! Will blog about it another day...thank you for hanging in and waiting.

  6. Oh, I am so embarrassed. I hardly ever post images because I get all mixed up when I try. So I wait for another family member to do it! My daughter is going to an "event" tonight and wearing a Chloe dress I got her at a thrift store last year. So I will post a link to HER blog when she posts a pic. Oh, these challenges fill me with anxiety; really, I am still in high school in a lot of ways. Ridiculous.

    Thanks for thinking of me. Love your rock also.

  7. Frugal scholar- I will pop over and see the image when you say the word!

  8. Hi Leslie,
    I'm going to work on my sixth blog post challenge, tonight after I watch "The Real Housewives Of New York"