Thursday, April 29, 2010

Humble Bungalow is Blooming in Shades of Blue

Anenome bloom
delicate petals
and shades of blue
My BFF brought over a lovely bouquet of Blue anenomes
that was last week when we had our simple supper and watched the Hockey game.
They are fresh, vibrant and full of cheer.
I buy one or two of these use them indoors and then cut them back and plant in the garden. 
They are hardy and produce lovely blooms year after year.
Medalta pot
Necklace designed and crafted by the Hostess

Joni Mitchell is one of my all time favourites
will live in my heart forever.
Blue prints of the Bungalow
circa 1912-1913

Blue and White Porcelain Bowl
Harumi Ota
Lumiere de Paris

Grape hyacinths
plucked from the Bungalow garden

The tea says Grey but it's actually peppered with Blue!
delicious BTW!

Liberty of London tote

Aveda hair helpers and assorted oils

DKNY Blue jeans and FCUK ballerina flats
Bretonne Blue and White T
Saint James Navy Blue Sweater

Check out why I am

Would you consider devoting a post to showing us your true colours?


  1. Hi Leslie,

    My whole blog is dedicated to my true colors. Black and white is it for me! Every room is b&w and maybe a little color thrown in seasonally!


    ps~I see you use Brilliant. My favorite Aveda shampoo and conditioner. You must have rather thick, curly or wavy hair that needs some shine!

  2. Janet- I do have thick curly locks! I love the Shampure and it's scent is my favourite!
    B&W is so crisp and honest...I love it too.

  3. You have blue running delicately around your house. I especially like that board from 1912-13, is it glassed?, the old rug and the bergamot tea. You are so into details too. I just might grab your suggestion for a post one of these days, although I think, that my colors have been visible all the time.

  4. metscan-Yes th original blueprints have been framed in conservation glass and put into a quarter sawn oak frame...I'll watch for your post!
    LPC-You're in good company!