Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring-ing from the pages of Elle...and reality check....make that dots!

I was struck by this image from the recent Elle magazine.
I do like the dress, love the colour, texture and the bohemian chic vibe here.
 The dress looks very forgiving with all the seaming and I would be happy wearing this to a wedding, tea, or dinner out.
It would be a versatile classic that would fit well into my wardrobe.

Look closely at the
muted tones, beading and dramatic textural features that combine to make this jacket exceptional. 
 The Chanel quilted classic bag.
Interesting that the model is sitting on a distressed bentwood chair in a pile of sand.
Does the earthy elevate the couture or visa versa?

Feminine and soft

Spring Romance...Boudoir Pastels and Nudes...
Pure Escape

Bungalow Reality Check...
Featuring Kitchen Warrior Mitts in Kiwi
 stained lightly with accents of gravy and drippings.
Random Smatterings on the Classic Quilted Mitts 

Kiwi Green Twill Apron
in dots and stripes 
showcasing the single pocket detail at the front.

The Chanel for Cooks who demand the very best in fashion and function.

Reality here in the Bungalow is not Chanel, it's Paderno!

I cooked free range organic chicken stuffed and roasted with spring vegetables and country gravy.
I ate the broccoflower before I snapped the picture!
Baby new potatoes, carrots, parsnips, chicken and homemade stuffing.
The stuffing involves the Cuisinart food processor
pulse day old bread, onions, celery salt, pepper, and sage.
Add 1/4-1/2 c. melted butter, blend.
Stuff chicken and close securely with skewers.

Bake stuffed chicken at 350 degrees in shallow roasting pan which has been coated with a glug of olive oil,
cut an onion in half and toss in pan.
Bake 30 minutes and then remove and add veggies and drizzle with a little oil, pop back in oven and bake for another hour...or until done. 
(Check on a meat thermometer if in doubt, we don't mess with poultry EVER!.)

Put chicken on the carving board and tent with foil for 10 minutes to rest before carving.
Place vegetables in an ovenproof dish and keep warm in oven.
Deglaze roasting pan with flour mixed with water and some bouillon.
 My fave is Better than Bouillon

(available in chicken or beef)
Whisk until smooth and cook for 10 minutes....
 while carver...Mr. HB here in the Bungalow, shows his deft flourishing the steel.
Serve all together and savour.



  1. A lovely dress. I like the picture below it too. Yes, the texture makes them interesting! Wish I were young again. You really seem to enjoy cooking. You must be familiar with the `slow food´term too. I´m a vegetarian, who spends as little time as possible in the kitchen. Fortunately my husband likes to cook on the weekends, and then my only job is to do the salads.

  2. Love the dress! Hopefully it comes in colours other than white for wearing to weddings ;o)

  3. Beautiful Chanel jacket but I'm partial to that apron. Lovely. I can just picture you in it.


    ps - I'm not a big fan of the Better than Bouillon. I don't like the flavor. But I've never tasted the chicken or beef only the vegetable. So maybe that's it

  4. Ahem. The pose in second pic, with legs splayed and purse displayed centre, crass. No matter whose clothes are on display, I don't give it my time. Roast chicken is another matter!

  5. I ADORE that quilted Chanel handbag in beige... oh that is a dream bag for me!

  6. metscan- I hope that you do not mind reading my cooking posts as they invariably involve more than veggies...Janet also, hide your eyes...I have nit tired the veggie bouillon.
    Suburban princess-I'd wear a pashmina or shrug in a mocha or soft shade and the cream dress would not be in bad taste.
    LPC- I do embrace humour in life!
    Duchesse- I wonder about that that you mention it!
    Daily Connoisseur-Creamy dreamy Chanel, and they are so soft.