Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Humble Bungalow fence and garden....

The fence is finished and I am relieved that there will be no sections blowing down in the wind for awhile! It was a great time of year to have the fence constructed as far as the perennial plants go because the damage is minimal as they are just starting to grow.
Mr. HB glued the copper fence caps onto the posts and they give it a finished look as well as protecting the posts.
This image is the view looking out from my dining room window on the north side of the bungalow. The slate patio was new last summer. I purchased wooly thyme and planted it in the spaces between the slate, as you can see it has overwintered and filled in nicely. The borders in this space will be filled in and thriving by May.
The clematis montana reubens is prolific and visible just at the top right of the photo.

It has gone on a climbing spree and is entangled with our neighbours lovely Dogwood tree.
This is my view from the dining room north.
The hummingbirds are a buzz throughout this tree and flowers.


  1. Thank you for the progress photos, Hostess.

    It will the perfect retreat for the summer!

    SSG xxx

  2. I've read about dogwood trees in American novels- love it. Love yr garden, so inviting. Gardeners are the best people x

  3. Just beautiful Leslie. Can't wait to see your garden this summer.


  4. A wonderful haven for you and Mr. HB...Enjoy!

  5. SSG- I see you have 10,000 clicks on your blog...well done!

    FF-The dogwoods are divine but like magnolias are short to bloom. Your garden looks wonderful, you can grow things there that we can't here.

    Janet- I'll be posting garden shots regularly, like you, I spend a lot of time tending my patch.

    Jeanne-Someone once said... be it ever so humble there's no place like home...and it is true here.

  6. Wow, I have always dreamed of copper caps, but for me it just is a dream. The fence gives a secure feeling, doesn´t it?

  7. metscan- I hope that they patina somewhat maybe a greenish tinge...might take years! I say dream big.