Monday, April 5, 2010

Flattery...will get you everywhere!

FCUK leather ballet flats, I swoon! 
(and my feet are very happy too.)

                      Made in India

I am back from the getaway with feet planted back on terra firma.

What a whirlwind weekend!
There was a slight delay due to the extreme winds but we arrived safe.
(Mr. HB is in the Bungalow garden replacing the roof on our shed as it blew off while I was away!)

Is it legal to enjoy one's self as much as I did?
Just the simplicity of getting refreshing as new views are like new eyes.
There is an energy and excitement that accompany travel.
 You need not go far and it doesn't need to cost the earth.

We shopped and explored and dined.
I am so fortunate that lovely daughter shares the same taste in food. 
We shared starters and salads and then each had an entree.
She is very portion conscious, and I am striving to adopt that tactic.
It is interesting to me that I am learning from her as she once learned from me.

 The goal of the getaway was to relax and buy some fun things for her.
She cat sat for us several times and we feel indebted to her and wanted to show our appreciation.
She will also be celebrating her birthday in a couple of weeks and will be starting a new job in 6 months as she will be transferred.
She got a great assortment of wonderful clothes at a remarkably low cost.
A trench coat, a green safari type jacket, several tanks, some trendy tops, a buttery soft leather pair of what I would call spectator or oxford shoes, sox, and a mocha Marc Jacobs cross body bag as seen here
I admire and am in awe of how she chooses and wears the artful combinations of clothes.
(She is the lucky one who inherited the fashion gene from my mother.)
Lovely daughter in law is also gifted with the fashion gene.

I did see lots of sumptuous shoes...Loubouton, Tod's, Vivier, Ferragamo, Chloe, and so on....
I am hard on my shoes so for me to invest $600 on a pair of flats just goes against my grain.
I did follow LD into FCUK...doesn't that remind you of a curse word?
They have the cutest garb...LD loves their line....I browsed too but the cuts are too lean for my body...but not for my feet....what's this? shoes!
Oh my, and aren't they just as buttery and soft and ooh la la, they are like a soft bed for my toes!
Did I mention that we walked about 8 hours both days?
Great exercise and a lot of fun!

I have caught up on my blog reading and I am off to stock up on food and am flaunting my new flats... content and grateful to be back home in the Bungalow.
Hope that you all had a Happy Easter Weekend.


  1. Hi Leslie,

    Your trip sounds so wonderful. I love it when I travel with someone who eats just like me. It makes things so much easier. How fun that you got to do so much shopping together and that you learned a few tricks from her. I know I love it when I learn something new from one of my sons. It's the best feeling! I love your new little ballet flats.


    p.s. I always say going away is nice but home is best!

  2. Hi Hostess
    What a lovely weekend!

    Good work with the flats. I agree about the issue of spending $$$$ on flats when one is hard on their shoes.

    I am investigating an Australian brand called Sambag.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

  3. I just had a weekend with my daughter too! (And my mother--so somewhat complicated). Love the shoes.

  4. Hostess: Glad you returned safe and sound and had such a nice time with your daughter!

  5. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Your user name is so intriguing, I had to come by to say hello! Love the ballet flats--I had mine on today, too. They're a great transitional shoe--not too wintery and not too springy.

    I'm very intrigued by your sidebar. Love the little pictures. I have a "Keep Calm and Carry On" mug as well as its partner in crime, the "Now Panic and Freak Out" mug.

    OK, I'll stop nattering now. Thanks again for dropping by!

  6. Thank you for the positive feedback on the shoes!
    Poppy- Love the name Poppy! The mugs sounds like a hoot!
    I am delighted that you stopped here also.