Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bungalow Comfort-Family, food and furnishings

We have been eating homemade Mac n' Cheese since the children were young. 
It was a budget stretcher and a well loved casserole.

Back in the 80's I had a habit of shopping for arts and crafts furniture and pottery using the food budget money!
The kids were active participants in my escapades.
Partners in crime!
I'd buy some new piece and have it in the Volvo, the 3 of us would bring it inside, rearrange the furniture, put some fresh picked flowers or greenery in some vases, and I'd make dinner...mac n' cheese.
When Mr. HB came home I'd have a drink ready for him and would hand it to him as soon as he took off his coat....that was when he would look around and say OK...what's new?
The kids would be giggling and waiting for his reaction. I would be somewhat sheepish, crossing my fingers and hoping that he would approve of the newest item.
Those were the days when arts and crafts furniture was uber trendy and Barbra Streisand was paying top dollar for her Stickley pieces at auction.
I found most of our furniture in local shops and was a recognised collector. 
I patronized the various establishments on a weekly basis.
I splurged and bought a lovely glass fronted china cabinet which cost $500.
  That was the year of our 10th year anniversary, July 1984.
I remember the date because Mr. HB gave me diamond studs!
We were frugal in some areas and that allowed us to slurge in others.

Bungalow Mac n' Cheese
Cook macaroni according to package directions, drain.

Grate strong cheddar cheese, set aside.

Make a white sauce or roux.
In the same pot that you cooked the pasta add 1/2 c. butter melt, and whisk in 1/2 c. flour until blended and smooth, add 2 c. milk, and cook stirring 5 -10 minutes and then add 2 c. cheese.
Whisk until blended.
Remove from heat and put pasta in a casserole, add cheese sauce.

Top with panko crumbs and scatter on top 1/4 c. cheese.

I put foil on top of casserole to keep it moist while cooking.
Put into the oven 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

 Bungalow Mac n' Cheese is very nostalgic nosh.
It transports me back a few decades.
I smile when I remember the mischief that we got up to in those early days of home ownership, and the joyous days of raising our family.

I revel and cherish the memories of when our children were young.
The adventures and simple joys in our daily round.
  Most activities were free or cheap.
We made our own fun and laughed a LOT!
We had to, that was what sustained us, and bound us together, it was the glue factor.

Are there comfort foods in your home?
Do they stir up memories of times past?


  1. Mmmmm now I want some mac & cheese!
    My mom never really cooked so I dont associate a cozy home with food. But if I even smell KD with ketchup I am 10 again :O)

  2. Hi Leslie,

    What a wonderful story. I also love to remember the fun days when my boys were little. Such fun. Those really were "the days!"

    I think my boys would think that pasta, mashed potatoes, broccoli w/gravy would fall into comfort foods. Not together of course! Although they would probably eat them all together!


    ps - Sub. Princess, what is KD?

  3. Suburban Princess- KD and ketchup are classic.

    Janet-KD is Kraft Dinner! Mac n' cheese in a box.
    Broccoli, pasta spuds and gravy, now there's a combo! The men love the gravy...Mr. HB is a fan, as Faux Fuchsia would say 11/10!

  4. Great story! Mas and cheese is always a huge hit in our house! Thanks for sharing!

  5. The only thing better than my excellent homemade macaroni and cheese would be my homemade mashed potatoes.

  6. I adore mac and cheese! Mine is like yours but sometimes we add a little chopped tomato for colour. Big homemade croutons on top. Funny, "then" is when we spent more, buying and furnishing a house, braces, two sets of everything (twins). "Now" is a much lower-spending time.

  7. magically ordinary-Welcome! I read your post....Carbon dioxide from blogs...who knew?
    Frugal scholar- mashed spuds are a fave here in the Bungalow too...maybe you'll blog your recipe, I am sure that you have a secret or two!
    Duchesse- Yes I remember the orthodontist too...we paid monthly.
    Mr. HB's mom added tomatoes and weiners...your recipe sounds very upscale...and how did I miss the TWINS? I read your blog almost every day, you are to be admired...and applauded!

  8. Thank you for the recipe, Hostess.

    I love how bright orange American cheddar is. Australian cheddar is more a butter cup yellow.

    I agree with the theory of being frugal where you can so that you may splurge where you want.

    SSG xxx

  9. SSG-That cheddar cheese is from the UK at the top it says Product of England my photo is too small. Canadian cheese is available in bright orange but the pale yellow is available also...I think the orange must be food dye... Sounds scary doesn't it?

  10. my Mum used to make us macaroni and cheese when we were little. She still makes it for my niece. Loved this post.

  11. Your mac & cheese looks delicious! I haven't made it from scratch in over ten years.
    If I make KD for myself, I like to add sauteed onions.
    I also love to eat KD cold, the next day, with salt and pepper.

  12. Duchess of H- when your new kitchen is complete you will be able to create all kinds of tasty dishes....KD or Mac n''s up to you.
    Sauteed onion are great with so many things...on the boat I do that with hot dogs!


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