Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday in the Bungalow garden and it's sunny!

I spent most of the day in the sunny Bungalow garden. It was lovely out there and I accomplished a lot. I did the edges and weeded, picked up some twigs and branches that had blown down in the recent strong winds. I looked quite disheveled in my black capris and hoodie! I do wear gloves so my manicure is still intact.
The company has finished building the fence and today Mr. HB put some copper fence post caps on and soon the fence will be done! The copper will patina over time and become a greenish tone.
We talked about our plans to put in 2 raised beds and grass in a section of the garden that was a veggie patch but now is too shaded by the huge acacia tree.
The birds were in full song and the hummingbirds were buzzing me as I worked. There was a flicker on the suet feeder at the same time as a house sparrow. The robins got busy in the recently cultivated soil digging for worms right beside me, they have no fear, they sing so loudly one almost thinks their chests will break! How can such a loud sound eminate from such a small body?

I zipped over to the hardware store and bought a gallon of black glossy exterior paint and some brushes and started transforming my wicker front porch furniture. I have 3 chairs and a table and so far I have done the small chair and the table...I am aching all over now!
I am very happy though as I feel very excited about the new porch decor...I will post some pictures when I have completed the job. I may also buy some new chair cushions and get a new black planter and pot up some great plants....see what comes my way in the shops. I  delight in embarking on new projects...there's a sense of energy and creativity that feeds my soul.

Tonight it's a BBQ burger night...cheeseburgers and potato salad.
I have a feeling I'll sleep well tonight!

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend....what are you doing?


  1. Gosh, I'm so impressed. Over here, I finally finished the last of the guest posts I owed to other people. Huge sense of accomplishment....:).

  2. LPC- Guest posting sounds very challenging to me...I am in awe of your talents in that area. I know that you have been blogging for awhile ...I think you are light years beyond me!
    Sleep well, namaste,

  3. Hostess,
    A great day's work! I like that one is rewarded with a solid night's sleep afterward.

    Burgers for dinner sound perfect.

    SSG xxx

  4. How I admire your enthusiasm! You are a working woman, share time with your children and hb, take time doing food, are interested of the world (+fashion ), travel, and even spend so much time in your garden! How do you manage to stretch the hours ; )?

  5. Hi Leslie,

    Besides going to a BEAUTIFUL tea party (see my post if you haven't already.) I've been working my arse off in my garden. I am so sore it's not even funny. Who needs a gym when you have a garden!


  6. SSG- I ate one delicious burger with gusto! I was famished after all the activity, then crashed on the couch and watched the hockey game!

    Metscan- I blitz things...then rest...I sleep 8 hours every night.
    I enjoy doing a variety of things...I have fear of stagnation!

    Janet- I saw the tea party and the wonderful lanterns...will pop by and check on the you have a porch? I need some inspiration for my new black wicker theme...maybe accessories or plantings...any blogs I should visit for ideas?