Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopping, new and used...

Black with charcoal flecks lined wool trousers, side zip, dressy, flattering and on sale marked down from $200, for $45 how could I not buy these?

Shop a holic that I have become, I went yesterday with my beloved should see what she bought! 

Picture 83 year old, with silver bobbed hair, black tailored jacket and skirt (not a suit), pearls and a modest blouse in beige, sensible shoes..flats in black with a bow....ends up with a sumptuous grey wool tweed fitted jacket sporting a flirty peplum flare with a grey and white fur (removeable) collar to frame her face (She looks so fabulous and energetic in this jacket I just had to smile)
She said oh where will I wear this?
My response, the theatre, the symphony, to tea, to the grocery store, to the bank, out to dinner...SOLD!
 That's what she bought, she tried on many garments so many that I was wondering if I was going to have to get a chair and sit down!
I learned from the master.

Skinny leather belt came with the trousers and they popped the hanger in to the bag.

INC new ($69) spring line grey longer top to wear with my new capri length leggings. I really love this on me...covers a multitude of sins but doesn't swamp me.

Debra Kay designed crystal necklace which I have had since my son was married several years ago.
Debra K. does lovely work and this piece has been worn a lot, it goes with everything!
($350  CPW=dollars)

As you can see I am not a skinny gal and so I need to be ever mindful of cut and flappy pockets on the extra heavy fabrics, simple unadorned garments are best, but not too skimpy either, abhor cling.
Cleavage works, and I work it too! V necks or lower round, not high or turtlenecks because I turn immediately into MRS. DOWDY.

Tribal gently worn (9.99)  off white cotton sweater, shorter length with 3/4 sleeves scalloped edging works as a great layering piece over a tank top (blush pink). Worn here with my new Gap striped wide legged pants and Dolce and Gabbana wide leather grey belt....and I have on my Mee Too red shoes... and my black Elliot Lucca bag...(Hello stranger, I've missed you)
Did some sorting and purging of garments that have been taking up needed space in my small closet...donation bag ready for the charity shop.
Air is good, garments hang without being crushed, sorted into colour groupings, I can dress with ease as I can see everything now.

Have you spring cleaned your closet?
Is it easy for you to purge the garments that you no longer wear or do you hang onto them?
I have two types of friends, the savers and the chuckers...I'm a chucker.


  1. Hi Leslie,

    Love the story of your mom and her purchase. Good for her. Love all your pieces. The pants are fabulous.

    I purge my closet every month or so. And I definitely am a "chucker."


  2. I love your clothes. I'm a chucker of the practical and unused, a keeper of the impractical and sentimental.

  3. My mom, almost 79, is also an enthusiastic shopper and likes to play dress-up!
    I'd wear that INC tunic, for sure, and you can loan me that necklace anytime you want as well;-)

  4. Love your mother's choice and spirit! Precis make dependably great pants for me, too (tho not Petite). I'm a chucker with clingy tendencies if I have an emotional attachment. Superb tunic too, you will wear that to shreds. Oh, and the necklace!


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