Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Emma Bridgewater has entered the Humble Bungalow.

Cheerful Emma Bridgewater mugs, a gift from Mr. HB...I have been lauding the fact that Emma and her husband have saved a company and launched a hugely successful business with hard work and passion.

Daffodil inscribed inside the rim, how lovely and cheerful.

What time is it in the Bungalow?

Pure and simple

Tissue, wrap, and ribbon...

I have admired Emma Bridgewater's lovely wares from the UK via my favourite magazine Country Living UK...she has a delightful line of country inspired can see her lovelies here.

I opt for the artist more often than the mainstream manufacturer when choosing something new and needed...I feel more of a kinship with the person who created something lovely with a passion than I do with an item that is mass produced in an offshore factory.

I spend more by choosing this route but the cost of enjoyment is more than worth it.

 Go out and find something wonderful made by an artist or craftsman and report back to me!


  1. Love Emma B. and her husband (my brother went to school with him - apparently a really lovely guy) ... a talented couple...and I have a lot of her china at my home in UK... Your daffodil mugs are very cheerful - lovely...

  2. Lovely mugs, very cheerful indeed.

    I've been wanting some Zara Scoville pearls forever...see them here:

  3. I'm a real believer in the artisanal and small-batch. And *think* I introduced Pseu to Zara Scoville (Priceless Imperfection). Also I love and just bought pearls from Kojima Company.

    The daffodil mugs are the very essence of spring!

  4. I went to the Zara site and swoon...magnificant pearl creations.
    I had my morning coffee in a daffodil mug this morning and I told Mr. HB that it tasted better than usual!


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