Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not an Hermes for the Hostess this time....or a Chanel for that matter!

Long scarves are on display in shops everywhere.

Have you seen them too?
Fan of scarves that I am, I see them before I see the clothing that they adorn.

The fabrics are light, loose and floaty.
Colours, patterns, prints.
They call to me....."Yoo-hoo hostess, over here!"
I only need one, but it has to tick ALL THE BOXES...it has to be versatile, long enough to knot and tie without feeling shortchanged, and work with my wardrobe, and not cost the earth...my wallet has been opening up far too regularly of late.

My Hermes scarf collection are all square silks.

For spring and summer, I found this one at the Hudson's Bay for $35.
It will brighten up my black trench and go with ALL my BLACK!

Fringed edges
Jungle print
Black and white is my camo

I can already tell I'll be wearing this one a lot.

I threw it around my neck when I darted out for a quick stop at the Market...I took these photos just before I ran out the door!

I was wearing my wide legged striped Gap trousers, Dolce and Gabbana grey leather belt, blush pink tank and off white Tribal sweater and Miz Mooz red flats...my new Tory Burch was dangling from my many bangled hand...

I picked up the latest Bazaar uk, Thinking Fashion...read it with a cup of tea in hand and it is one of the better issues I have seen.
Lots of beautiful images and ideas for spring and summer.

I need to go and shop my closet.
Get creative, reinvent, switch it up.

Just take a peek at this dreamy Chanel!

April 2010 Harpers Bazaar and Chanel

Sumptuous, neutral and the texture!
I would add
Layers of pearls...lusterous and warm, oh yes, I think so!
and maybe Chanel nail varnish in #505 Particuliere..you either love it or "not love it"!
( I do not like to use very strong or offensive terminology here in the Bungalow)

I am in the "I do not love it" camp.
My skin tone needs more colour.
How about yours??


  1. Very nice new scarf hostess... can see that will be a great addition to your wardrobe... Love the Chanel Pics in the magazine and am also a bit partial to Particuliere though.. finding it a good neutral! So I am definitely in the 'love it' camp! X

  2. Your scarf looks fine on You! I myself tend to buy scarves of one color, don´t know why. I´ll go check if the magazine you are referring to, is here to buy, the cover of it looks interesting.

  3. LOVE the scarf and would like to find one like it!

  4. I love the scarf and the knot! Could we have some instructions please for the knot-challenged people like me?

    Ah, Chanel. I splurged on Particuiere and I love it. Even though it started chipping on the 4th day...

  5. I love the scarf as well, and the knot! How do you do that?

  6. I have a similar scarf -- zebra print -- black and white, very fine/lightweight cashmere that I wear often -- you'll find yours so versatile. And speaking of scarves, your package arrived in the mail yesterday, and as soon as I get time, I'll post pictures -- it's lovely, thanks!

  7. Hi Leslie,

    Loving that scarf. It looks great on you!


  8. Nice scarf. Will look great on you. A lot of bang in a little package. Have I told you lately how glad I am that you're blogging now?:)

  9. Those floaty, rectangular scarves are versatile and much more wearable when it's warm. (I tie my carres on a bag in the summer.) Glad you found your perfect scarf.

  10. I am always thrilled to get your comments, they mean the world to me.
    I am putting together my tying technique and will post it later.

    Janet- I feel good wearing it too!

    Looking forward to the materfamilias scarf reveal!

    LPC-Thank you for your very kind comment, I appreciate it immensely it is high praise coming from you...and I owe you a lot as you were the first blogger that I found and love your WASPY ways and words of wisdom.

    Duchess-Thank you and maybe we could see a photo of your scarf and how you tie yours.

  11. Your new scarf looks fabulous, and the price was a steal!
    I'm going to take a tip from you, and edit some of the "strong" words I've used in my blog.