Monday, March 1, 2010

Hermes, tying one on in a variety of ways, or distracted on a domestics day.

It's a day of domestics here in the Humble Bungalow, yes they do exist, it is not all shopping, partying and playing....sheets need to be laundered and clothes need to be washed.
I am wearing my grey matchy matchy capri's and jacket here to attack the chores and get a bit of a work out at the same time....running around the bungalow in barefeet multi-tasking and getting distracted.

Time out for a late breakfast, cottage cheese and cantalope, and a sidetrip to the blogosphere.

I spy with my little eye....a stack of orange boxes....
what a lovely distraction!
(One cannot stare at the washer as it turns around and around or one would become dizzy.)
OK playtime...just for a few minutes.
Humour me here!

Hermes a study in black and white, probably my most worn scarf so far...CPW = pennies.

Simple square knot, it doesn't get much easier than this.

I always think of a cowboy scarf when I wear it on the side, giddy up!

 Tuck this under a coat or jacket, a pop of color and pattern that elevate and add interest.

Silky and soft it folds so easily,

it drapes with little effort,

it can be twisted and folded into a variety of shapes and looks.
Tie one on...and dress up your daily round, you'll be glad you did!

My dedication to domestics is not a passionate one, rather a necessary job which I perform only to be able to stand back and admire such accomplishments and move on to more rewarding and exciting activities...flower arranging, thrifting, shopping, gardening, and hostessing.

Are there any Domestic Diva's out there?
Do they dust with devotion?
Dirt bust with delight?


  1. I need to get a pile of orange boxes!!

    I do love to is like valium to me!

  2. Domestic it. Not me that is for sure. But I do love your scarf and the many ways you have featured it. Lucky you for having a Hermes scarf. I want want want one..but when I get there....just too many choices. I think any scarf is magic, it is all in how you wear it and you have displayed that perfectly!!
    Jeanne :)

  3. Adorable. I don't even come close, having mowed my lawn today in jeans and an over-sized old trade show tshirt.

  4. Hi Leslie,

    I am one of the strange ones that really likes to clean house. This perplexes my sisters. You would so love my neighbor who is 85 and dresses up each and every day. She does her gardening in dresses and cardigans with an apron, she is absolutely adorable.


  5. Suburban princess- I started with one...and then another...and another!
    Sweet Tea-I liked that clip as well...she is so cute, and a great gown.
    Deja Pseu-Merci
    Jeanne-If you want one it will happen...just a question of when...Mr. HB has been helpful at Hermes...think of what colors you have in your wardrobe and look at those colors first.
    LPC-My grey outfit is nothing to write home about!
    Janet-Your neighbour sounds like my mother! I am happy to hear that you enjoy domestics and that doesn't make you strange in my book at all. I personally like doing dishes by hand!

  6. love your scarf! I love cleaning - I find it calming and soothing. Especially if I've had a stressful day at work (at the Coalface). Really enjoy your blog x

  7. Have to say that there is almost no part of me that likes cleaning, although I don't hate it and I certainly agree it needs doing! I'm so lucky I have someone who comes in regularly to help me out with it, and I make sure to keep her as happy as I can! Dread to think of what I'd do without her!

  8. materfamilias- I adore my weekly help as well...I live in fear that she will retire and I'll be back doing it all by myself, for now I am so grateful!


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