Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday morning, the sun is shining!

We spent most of yesterday downtown walking in the sunshine.
Lots of great window shopping and that promised Christmas bangle from Mr. HB...
I am now wearing the sterling bangle TC&CO...1837.
I wear stackable bangles, 2 now are Tiffany and the rest are vintage finds, and one a gift from mother, who also wears stackable silver bangles on occasion.

Lovely to look at Tiffany's have an interesting blend of traditional and arty jewelry.

Mr. HB also needed more of his scent, which is really more for I love it! 

Free samples from the clerk too for me to try.

BTW, lots of leather bags in store and two women test driving the Kelly and another the Birkin...lovely DIL and I were trying to guess what the sticker prices were after we left the woman was toting the traditional Hermes orange. Oh and you should have seen the packaging!

                                                            View from our hotel...
We are off to explore the baby and maternity shops.
I have a list...and the family are ready.
Must go....bye for now!


  1. You have been treated like a queen lately. Trips, shopping.. You have a very loving husband! Could you show us the bangles mixed together on your wrist?!

  2. I wear Terre d'Hermes myself and love it! Certainly, it's manly enough, but it also works as a unisex perfume (as does Creed's Vetiver, which I also love!). Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I test drove a birkin in Hermes at Christmas- they made me put on cotton gloves on 1st before I could get my mitts on the said blue birkin, I think it had palledium hardware- price $13000 Australian dollars. ie 'spensive.

  4. As requested I posted pics for the bangle collection....
    Materfamilias-Terre d'Hermes smells so earthy and sublime...glad to hear that you enjoy it as well.
    metscan-I have been enjoying a flurry of trips and shopping and it is back to "reality" for me on Monday! Starting with a trip to the dentist!
    FF-Gloves were not evident with the women in the Hermes store here...just lots of staff and a few "gawpers" (our clan!) tres expensif agreed.