Monday, March 29, 2010

I almost forgot, pardon me were requested.

Debra K and Linda Lundstrom

Self portrait, sort of...

I need a longer mirror!

A couple of quick pics...the jacket as requested.

It is a small Bungalow...and Mr.HB is at the Firm.
It's just me and my camera...
I even put on my glasses.

No worries.
Use your imagination

I watched a film that made me weep....The Blind Side.
Sandra Bullock was amazing...
Humour me here...please.

I think that there are more amazing women whose stories could and should be told.
Maybe you know one of them?
Maybe you are one of them?


  1. Your jacket is gorgeous! It is the perfect combo of CC chic and jeans and t-shirt casual :O)

  2. You look fab and I SOBBED all the way through Blind Side- loved it. The movie house was nice too!