Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blues, Tea, and a yard full of cedar...

Grape Hyacinths from the Bungalow garden.

I am bringing beauty inside as the outside is a disaster!

The garden is a mess right is a construction zone...we are getting a new fence.

The old fence is grey and rotting...

This is where Mr. HB usually parks his Beamer.

This is the front yard, my small patch of lawn is dwarfed by the cedar panels.
The crew are great, they are working 9-4 and making great progress.

When the fence has been erected I will go out and tidy up anything that might be amiss.
I am ever so grateful that they are working now before all my plants grow huge and bloom.

The crew has departed and it's tea time for the Hostess.
I find a cup of tea incredibly restorative. Just the simple act of boiling the kettle, warming the pot, steeping the tea leaves and then the best part...sitting for a few minutes, reflecting on the events of the day, a time for a quiet moment, giving thanks in appreciation and gratitude.

Classic Lady Grey Tea, I am sipping some as I blog this afternoon.

Look there are bits of blue in the tea!
They are cornflowers.
The ingredients are black tea, orange peel, lemon peel citrus flavour and cornflowers.

You really cannot go wrong with tea from Twinings, they are a British institution, and they have the honour of being appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11.

A good English brew needs a proper cup and saucer...the bone china holds the heat longer and the tea does taste better.
Some prefer a squeeze of lemon, some like honey, some like milk, and others it's simply black.
I do MIF...for those of you not familiar with that translates to milk in first.

Builder's tea is also popular, see for yourself...Builder's Tea

When you need some quiet or restoration what do you do?
Where do you find solace?
I find that rituals, offer comfort.
A hot bath, a sweet chocolate, a phone call from a good friend.
Just as donning certain "comfy garments" like cashmere, silk, or a soft worn's a gift indeed.


  1. Hi Leslie,

    We are in the process of getting estimates for a new fence. My husband wants to do it himself but does not have the time. The house next door is for sale and no one is living in it so I want to act fast before we have to deal with their opinions. so I'm inspired by this post.

    I have so many rituals for relaxing. Tea, hot baths, yoga poses, gardening, watering, long walks, I could go on and on...

  2. Mr. HB designed what was basically already in place...we then spoke with the 5 neighbours and 2 have offered to share their half of what borders the properties. It is long overdue. Mr. HB is far too busy at the firm to do this himself. I do not mind in the least as it is really a job for more than one person and it is hard work.
    I think your idea of getting a jump on the fencing before the home sells is a great plan...then you can do whatever you like!
    Isn't Yoga wonderful? Do you practice with a CD, DVD or go to a class?

  3. I can't drink tea after 11am or my sleep is affected:(. So I go for hot chocolate. Which has the extra added benefit of being, um, chocolate:).

  4. Those hyacinths are killer! My fence is rotting too dammit x