Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tweaking skin with help from the DR.

I have been using the Dr. Hauschka line for several years now and have been happy with the products until recently. My skin has been getting much drier (which is to be expected post menopause) and has started to flake in spots. I have professional facials every 3 months, not maybe as often as suggested but money does not grow on trees in the Humble Bungalow garden.

I had an appointment with the representative from Dr. Hauschka, and got some new information on caring for mature skin. In fact, they have recently launched some new products to address the aging population. Hooray!
I am going to replace my current intensive treatment 05 and rose cream daytime and use the regenerating serum under the regenerating day cream.
At night I am going to use the serum after cleansing.
I timed this very well as the 2 products that I normally use and are replacing were within drops of being finished.
I received 20% off today and some freebies for scheduling a consultation.
Check out these great samples.

I should also mention that I am taking BioSil Skin and Bones by Lorna Vanderhaeghe. I take this internally to boost the production of collagen and help with my osteopinia. tastes bad but I mix it with a small amount of water and drink fast!

I will try the new products for a few weeks before commenting on the results.
In the meantime I am drinking more water...taking my vitamins and evening primrose oil.

I went for a brisk walk in the sunshine today and it energized me.
Flowers blooming, bees buzzing, blue skies and white puffy clouds.

Blue and white hyacinths for the bathroom... 
their fragrance is sweet and intoxicating...
 I breathe!


  1. How exciting.

    Look forward to reading about the results

    SSG xxx

  2. Hostess: I can´t take it more, all that warmth and sunshine..LOL! Over here it is going to be one of the worst springs ever, so much snow, and what is beneath it? Endless dog washing and horse grooming. A woman´s work is never done :)

  3. Dont forget antioxidants!
    Free radicals are what age skin the most!

  4. Those hyacinths are gorgeous in the white pitcher. I use Dr. H's mascara, which I like very much.

  5. Sounds their fragrances. Look forward to hearing your progress. I use Environ skin care products and am a big fan...also take evening primrose oil and wish I could remember to drink more water. I eat lots of blueberries etc.... that are high in antioxidants. Every little bit helps!

  6. those hyacinths are divine did you GROW them??

  7. SSG- I am now following your blog!
    Metscan- It will warm up!
    LPC-I have not tried the Dr. H mascara do you like it?
    Jeanne-We do need to attack aging on all levels!
    FF-Yes, hyacinths are grown here in my garden...I have pink as well.
    Now that the fence is nearly finished I will need to spend a day out there like you did recently getting serious!