Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seattle getaway...part 4...wooed by Prints Charming in the land of Liberty!

Liberty of London

In my distant past, I owned a Liberty print shirt that Mr. HB had gifted me when were were poor as church was a very sweet and extravagant purchase at the time and I loved it so much....the elbows actually wore through!

It's all about the details...

100% cotton pj' cute are these?
They feel so girly on...I love the bows too.

Target...for those of you who do not know is a large store that retails a huge variety of merchandise....everything from clothing to housewares to hardware...and I got to shop at the Northgate location briefly on our trip back home.
Target is a fun place to shop, surprises everywhere you turn...and affordable.
I was dizzy from the get go...Liberty signs everywhere...go this way, now turn, go back, go farther, get muddled, lose sight of Mr. HB, spied Liberty boots, bags, hats, bathing suits (cute but too skimpy), tops, pj's, dresses, or frocks as I am now calling them, thank you Faux Fuchsia!!
They even had an escalator which carried shopping carts...I thought that I had lost Mr. HB for a few minutes while he was studying said contraption.

I am thinking peacocks...

strappy and shirred...

flirty and tiered, 
a swish when you walk...
I have given myself "permission" to play...and not "safely"

 There is an abundance of fabric, (yes LPC it's polyester!)  
I feel feminine,
and I am pushing my comfort zone by choosing a print...and adding volume where it is really not needed!
I have been wooed by Prints Charming!

I can see this summer frock on the boat, in the garden picking flowers, maybe even a backyard BBQ.

Check out Sweet Tea in Seattle in her frock...she is so cute!
She is a fan of Target and as a result of her posts I was looking online for locations from the hotel suite.

I can see that Target has a site online....hmmm, I wonder if they ship to Canada?

 Deadline for the scarf giveaway is March 21st...someone is going to be lucky!


  1. You are a better woman than I am! If I thought I lost hubby in a store I might now have the strength to pry myself away from the goods to go look for him!

  2. Hahahah! I love that, Prints Charming. How fun to have a frock for your boat.

  3. The pajamas are adorable! I'm slowly being won over by these prints.

    The dress is springy and adorable, and you look very cute! Perfect for warm summer days.

  4. Your pajamas really are cute! Nightgowns is where I cheat, unfortunately, and I don´t know why. The dress you bought fits your personality fine :)

  5. Great Liberty purchases! Yes Northgate Target is huge isn't it! I love that TB handbag you found in Seattle too!

  6. oh and thank you for the compliment! :)

  7. Green with envy. Love the dress - I, too, am drawn to dresses that swish.