Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 15, Grammy casts thoughts and stitches....

For those of you who have been following my blog...I am going to be Grammy.
This life altering event is much anticipated and I have put a lot of thought into what kind of grammy that I might be. I would like to be seen as a resource for help when needed or desired, caring for and supporting the family in a variety of ways.
I want to indulge.
Knitting sweaters, buying shoes, paying for lessons, exploring the arts and sports.
Babysitting, yes please!
I cannot fully imagine what my role will look like, suffice to say, I hope to be involved in a positive way.
Not stern or overbearing or too opinionated...rather kind, gentle, approachable, flexible.

Debbie Bliss is a talented knitter and designer from the UK.
I love her patterns and the books are chock full of dreamy looking wee ones wearing all the wondeful knits. 

Pink for a girl...this yarn is sumptuous...cashmerino aran. Feels like silk and cashmere, and this blush pink is heavenly....oh if it is a girl!

Blue for a boy...and cuddly soft.
Hooray for a boy!

Behold this simple little pullover...
Grammy is casting on...and will be knitting one in each colour.
I will be prepared.

I do not think any amount of thought can really prepare one for the overwhelming joy that accompanies the birth of a grandchild.
I am excited!

I would so love to hear from any grammies who might be reading this post.
Care to share your thoughts or wise words?


  1. I'm not a grammy, but am so happy for you! Congratulations!

  2. How exciting! Congratulations. The little sweater will be a heirloom.

  3. My MIL would tell you...

    What happens at granny's house....stays at granny's house!!!

  4. Hi Leslie,

    My precious grand daughter is 3 years old and is the light of our lives. After raising 3 boys having a little girl around is priceless. We don't get to see her as often as we would like but get constant email/picture updates. Congratulations.

    The only wise words I would have for you are to step back and just watch. That's the best part really. None of the responsibility. All of the fun. My son and daughter-in-law don't need my advice they know what they are doing. Watching is the best!


  5. I appreciate your encouragement...
    Janet...thank you!
    I will do my best to be a lovely and composed grammy...savouring all those great happy to hear that you too have grand babies!

  6. I am not a grandmother, although my eldest daughter is 33 this year! I would so want to be one. You must be living exciting times. That small pullover is adorable!

  7. I am writhing in fond envy. Who will receive the 'other colour'? Will your little one be nearby?

  8. Duchess-I am fortunate to live in the same city as my son and DIL...about 10 minutes away by car. I am thinking of keeping the other sweater for a "rainy day" who knows...there may be more than one granchild in our future!

    Thank you all for your comments!

  9. Oh I just saw this! Congratulations! My parent's are very excited to be grandparents in August too xo

  10. Lovely post -so exciting

    I really connected with you as I too hopefully will be a first time grandma in September. I have been searching for Debbie Bliss ideas and Rowan yarns- their Baby Cashmerino wool is lovely...

    Check this out- I like their style-