Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet Sunday and the multi-tasking Hostess

Lovely sunny day here in the Bungalow garden, the fence crew have a day off to rest.
I wandered about on a zigzag weed patrol...lots of things are popping up, hints of hostas and peony's, and a lovely yellow lily is in flower!
Fence construction zone

Look how close the lily is to the post and hole that the crew had to goodness they must be so careful where they set their feet!

Dainty violets

Euphorbia in a pot

Chartreuse euphorbia

What I am reading now...
"mental snack food" an easy peasy romp into the ridiculous!

The washing machine is spinning, the self clean oven is smoking me out as I am well into the first hour of the 2 hour clean...I have candles burning and will need to bring in the bug guns after it has finished...Mr. Lamp Berger.

I have chopped the ingredients for Osso Bucco...dinner is not roast beef tonight.

I am adding mushrooms to this recipe as I have several pounds to use up and Mr. HB loves mushrooms.

Trusty garlic gadget works like a charm

Beef shanks, a very frugal choice, 4 for under $10.

 Mr. HB orders Osso Bucco frequently when we got out to dine... usually costs $24...experimenting here in the Humble Bungalow tonight and he will be able to do an honest taste test.
He has requested mashed potatoes also and peas.

My fave Le Creuset pot sees action so often here in the Bungalow, I'd be lost without it!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hi Leslie,

    The garden looks so good so early in spring. Mine is still looking a little ehhhh!


  2. In Australia 4 veal shanks would cost a LOT. Since osso bucco became trendy cheap cut prices have gone throught the roof. Loving the plants. x


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