Monday, March 15, 2010

Seattle getaway...part 1!

We are home from our 4 days in Seattle, lots of walking as predicted and the weather was wonderful, sunny and crisp but very litttle wind and rain.
Space Needle

Pike Street Market

Our suite at the Mayflower Park Historic Hotel

Very comfortable, and great to come back to for a bit of rest after hours of walking and sightseeing.

Frank Gehry architect, marries art and function, and voila, The Music Experience!

...and across the street, 
Ride The Ducks!
 I thought it might be a bit too touristy, but was so much fun and a great way to see Seattle and a cruise in Lake Union!
Amphibious WW11 Ducks!

I had to take this photo as I follow a blogger whose blog is named Faux Fuchsia go and pay her a visit.

We did shop and we both found lots to bring home...Mr. HB was especially pleased to find polo shirts with No Logo's on them at Nordstroms!
Mr.HB does not do Logos...and on the boat, during summer his signature top is a classic polo shirt. Thank you Nordstroms!
Shopping does give you an appetite, so laden with our many bags, we made our way to the closest eatery...
We ate lunch in the Nordstroms Grill, great food and exceptional service.
I dined on a roasted vegetable salad and a glass of bubbly, Mr.HB had a pale ale and a beef dip sandwich.

I have some shopping surprises too...I will reveal them tomorrow!


  1. so glad you had a great time! gorgeous pics! Can't wait to see what you bought!! :)

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Looks like you had a great time. The sign cracks me up!

  3. Oh Dear God in HEAVEN!!!!! I Love that sign!!!!

  4. I am going to send you an email tonight about this photo which cracks me up and made my day. I have linked your blog to mine in a post- hope this is ok with you!!!!

  5. FF-I couldn't believe my eyes when I spied the sign!
    I have commented on your blog post today as well.