Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Minimalist fashion luggage challenge.

I have a "small carry on bag", regulation size and I need to be prepared for 4 days of windy and rainy Seattle weather, dinners out, shopping and a LOT of walking.
Sounds easy for those of you who are experienced globe trotting executives or world travellers. NOT EASY pour moi!
I was very impressed with Janet over at The Gardener's Cottage who recently packed for a romantic weekend in Palm Springs and fit everything into a modest sized tote. She shows us pictures of her ensembles and she was spot on with her choices!
Note to self; it can be done.
I have to admit my packing history is shameful. I definitely fail in this area so I set myself a challenge, be ruthless, plan ahead, hang things in wearable groupings, mix, match and discard what doesn't do double duty....and here's the reason for this leave space for holiday purchases!

I am going to be wearing my skinny jeans because I can wear flats for the ease and comfort navigating the streets and the expected mileage.
Hermes scarf, Gilmore top, Olsen belt, skinny jeans in petite, sequined black flats.

We will be staying at Our Home away from Home.
We will be shopping and sightseeing....Pike Place Market and more.
I love the vibe Downtown
INC top, skinny jeans, sequined flats.

Sweet Tea in Seattle has suggested the Bravern Mall in Bellevue which sounds very enticing! LV, Hermes, Neiman Marcus, Woolfords and that is just the start...OMG, there is even Valet parking!

 I have dark denim skinny jeans, (to wear with flats) and dark denim dressy jeans, (need heels), capri length black Hue leggings....neutral tank top, white 3/4 sleeve Cut Loose top, Parkhurst long sweater which can be also belted for a coat effect, new black trench style jacket, scarf, Olsen belt with ornate buckle detail, and a nightie. Does that sound like enough? Too much?
I have not packed a skirt or a dress which might be a mistake...but I did not want to put boots in or hose (my legs are ghostly pale) and dressy shoes....but can pair the grey or winter white longer tops with my Hue black capri tights. These tights with flats have me feeling very Audrey-esque!
Debra Kay necklace, Cut Loose top, Parkhurst sweater.

Hermes scarf, black spring jacket.
Weather feels very cold outside so I am thinking I'll wear my winter wool black Olsen coat just to be on the safe side...Is snow mentioned in the forecast!!!

Olsen winter coat, and hide gloves in Elliot Lucca bag just in case.
I also plan to pack my grey Club Monaco scarf which doubles as a wrap...soft and cozy, great if one is sitting beneath the air conditioner in a restaurant.
Have you noticed the theme here?
Black, black, more black and a smattering of neutrals...only color here is in the lacy lingerie and the toes, neither of which will be paraded in public.

I usually wear a stack of silver bangles but I am wearing my Tiffany necklace as a bracelet to mix things up a bit...and if I get lost...

I had a pedicure with Shelley this morning....and I have happy feet and toes!
OPI toes.... I'm India Mood for Love!

In Seattle, I will be first and foremost "holiday making" with Mr. HB.  I'll also be shopping for shoes....and maybe a bag. Mr. HB is very helpful and his opinion is valued especially when Hermes scarves are being considered...he has been involved at Tiffany's as well. Maybe I'll introduce him to Chanel and Louis Vuitton this time and see how they get along! He gets bored in Macy's so I'll go solo for an hour or so and see how many pairs of shoes I can buy. I hope there are some cute ballerina flats in my future.

I may be away from the blogosphere for a few days...
Don't forget to check out the FANtastic silky scarf I am giving away...see earlier post.


  1. Lovely, classic ensembles! I hope you have a fabulous time and I am sure you will do well shoe shopping! The flagship Nordstrom is a great start!

  2. Beautiful outfits! Well done! I have a terrible time packing because I want to take everything I own!

  3. That looks like a well-planned wardrobe -- have fun!

  4. Have a fabulous time and the outfits you have selected look great... Happy shopping too X

  5. I think that your wardrobe offers you plenty of choices. What I have learned from my small trips is, that I over pack. I want to spend the time outside, not changing clothes in the hotel room.

  6. Great outfits! Have a fabulous time. Seattle is one of my favorite cities, but too far away for this east coast gal to get to very often.

  7. Hi Leslie,

    It all looks great! I'm flattered that I inspired you. Who knew? I've always been a light packer so this just comes natural to me.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip!


  8. Dear Leslie,
    I love your polish tres chic! And can I just say that the way you have arranged your outfits on the bed is just ADORABLE! Janet is such a light packer- I pack more makeup than her entire suitcase!!! Mr FF and I are thinking about a trip to Europe later in the year and already I am worried about my inability to pack lightly. I blame boarding school. Bad habits developed young. L, my garden is so neglected, I was telling Janet that things are DEAD and I need to PRUNE. K x

  9. The day has arrived and we are almost out the sitter is here, cat is fed...thank you for all your brilliant comments I love love love getting comments!
    FF-I think that you love to shop, right? So...plan to leave some room in your bag for a few new dresses...and it is very ladylike to have a makeup bag so Mr. FF can carry the weighty ones and you can tote the girly one! Pruning is a chore but you will feel ever so proud after you have tackled the job...and then reward yourself with nail polish, a glass of bubbly...BTW I could not find your email on your blog?

  10. I'm sorry I'm too late to comment - the scarf is the deal-maker. It is fabulous. I love your travel wardrobe and am taking notes. But the scarf ....

  11. Yes, the scarf really lifts those neutrals- a great capsule wardrobe. Eager to hear all about your trip!

  12. I hope your having a wonderful time in Seattle. You did a great job,of packing light, and I love your scarf!

  13. Dear L
    My email isn't on my blog but I'll give it to you By the way, OPI India Mood for Love is probably my favourite polish. Well Done.


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