Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pondering beauty and aging...and looking for direction!

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty.
Life shapes the face you have at thirty.
But at fifty you get the face you deserve. Coco Chanel

Images of youth and beauty have been weaving in and out of my consciousness of late.
I recently celebrated my 55th birthday, and I have been reading blogs on skincare, fashion and beauty in all it's forms. I call this research!
I have really never spent much time pondering beauty or aging, but now I am alert to these two concepts...these may be fleeting thoughts...they may linger, they might flee...time will tell.

What is beauty
One definition I found : The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

Aging is defined as The organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age.

How does one age gracefully and with style?
What does age appropriate translate to with regard to fashion and make up?
Are there rules, guidelines, or secrets?

I feel that I will need to work harder, longer and spend more time and money on my fitness and beauty routines as I navigate this new territory...I am hoping that I find my way....I get "lost" so easily!

What is your sense of direction like?


  1. Just keep smiling! Nothing is more beautiful than a face with the character of laughlines :O)

    It's like that song...Her face is a map of the world...

  2. I agree....smiling is the a definite must, as it helps take away the frown lines. They are a real nuisance as you age. If that is you in the photo then I say you have nothing to worry look wonderful! I am 52....and ask the same questions frequently. Shining from the inside out is so important. It takes off 10 years. Getting to that state of mind and staying there is another matter!! I have lots of little tricks..the first was to find my style icons and follow their lead:)

  3. Aging. Actually I´ve first come familiar with it, taking part in these blog discussions. And I have started to think how I feel about it. I remember having had my age crisis around turning 40. Then I lost total interest on the matter. Now, suddenly I´m feeling so determined to dress differently. I don´t have to follow the trends blindly. I only prefer a few brands, brands that offer different options. I wish to spend my money wisely. Quality and comfort are important for me. I don´t want anything fake something. I am determined to stop online shopping totally, and maybe occasionally buy a fashion magazine to stay tuned. Then I´ll stop going to the shops, which earlier have been my favorites, since the stuff over there is quite average. I won´t spend my money on antiques. I already experienced that phase. No sales for me either. I´ll have to remind myself that there is a reason why stuff is left over for sales. I don´t have to have a different outfit for each day. I´ll take better care of my clothes, and quit carrying heavy bags on daily basis. A bag has to be proportioned to your size but carrying a large bag does not mean that you have to carry all your belongings in it. Maybe I went too far in this comment of mine, but I just couldn´t help myself. I felt on a talkative mood;)

  4. At 55 I'm embracing some of the changes and not coloring my hair any longer. And after that, as someone--can't remember who--once said, accessorize!

  5. I agree with Maggie,accessorizing, but with authentic stuff ( leaving the artificial blang blang stuff for the younger ones ), concentrating on one great piece, something that has a lifting effect!

  6. Even though our culture equates "beauty" with youth, I think there's a type of beauty that can come with age. Whether you call it "grace" or "wisdom" it's something you see in people who have lived a genuine life and who are comfortable with themselves and their choices. I aspire to that, but I'm still considering the purchase of a Clarisonic.

  7. Every age has its beauty. A comment by Bobbi Brown: "A women with a face full of injections or surgery does not look young, she just looks like an older woman with things done to her." For me, it's a matter of posture and agility, good dental care, enough sleep, stylish cut (and colour if you want) and a gorgeous fragrance-and let the beauty of one's age shine forth.

    metscan, your observation re sales racks is not wholly valid North America. There is such a vast market here, and more 'disposible' mentality. (The sheer number of brands offering, say, casual work wear is staggering.)
    So, sales racks don't have *only* items unwanted by others. Also agree that if you find the perfect item, paying full price is wise.

  8. I very much agree with Duchesse and Deja above. Because I am in the business of skincare I see every age skin on every imaginable type woman. I am the oldest esthetician at the spa I work at and I can't tell you how many women say that if I wasn't there they would find another spa. It's not because I'm so great at my job, it's just that someone has to represent the aging population. All the other estheticians are in their 20's. And seriously what does a 20 yr old know about aging skin, except what a textbook tells her. A client last week said it best, "a woman over 50 just has an air about her, a grace and confidence that comes with age alone." I agree wholeheartedly with her.

    I love my age. I'm not afraid of getting older. It's not about the clothes or the bag you carry, it's about confidence that you have finally found yourself. Clients that come in always searching for the fountain of youth miss the point. They are already beautiful. The best facelift, laser procedure or botox cannot hide the skin on your hands, chest, etc. Acceptance truly is the key. I am very proud of my age and wouldn't change it for the world!

    Sorry I went on and on. I didn't mean to but I am passionate about this subject.

  9. Duchesse: You probably are right. Never visited US, I only have the observations from my home country. There seem to be sales more often than twice a year nowadays. When I look at the racks, I see clothes and other stuff, that really are last season´s stuff, not in perfect condition. I want clothes that I can wear for a long time, classics. But none of those are found on sales over here. I also hate shopping in the crowds. However, my older daughter is able to find clothes reduced, but then she wants to wear fashionable clothes too, being some 30 years younger than me. I hope not to be a fashion victim, and over here the trendy pieces hit the sale racks.

  10. I have read and considered the comments here and can say that there are a lot of wise words and I am deducing that I am not alone with my recent foray into this area of aging and beauty. I feel a kinship and supported, and I am grateful for your time.
    I am feeling that this is a fresh start, to invite reinvention and honing of what is basically a foundation, and building on and maybe tweaking a little here and there.
    I will explore this topic again as it is far from being exhausted and the dialogue is most helpful.

  11. Hello,
    You are all just beautiful babies! I'm 73. I still feel about fashion and beauty and hair as I did when I was young.
    I want to look good, groomed, polished; I have gray hair that looks a little blond (without any color), & lately I'm thinking about getting a bleached blonde look (like Sharon Gless on "Burn Notice".) One phrase I HATE is "age-appropriate," as if we didn't know how to dress. We DO know! Dress to enhance YOUR looks; use your instinct to look the best you can.
    I'd like to be 73 and look 30, but that ain't gonna happen!
    I love all of us and the way we care about looking good. That's the best part.

  12. merillion- Welcome Marilyn!
    I would so like to hear more of your wise words....and I applaud your keen sense of fashion and comportment!

  13. Hello again,
    Thank you!!
    Love your blog!


  14. Fifty-five? That's not old - you're still just a babe!


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