Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Homework for the Hostess

Post 55, pondering aging and beauty...continued.
 Questions have arisen, answers are being seeked.

The illuminating comments from lovely followers, (of which I am ever so grateful!) have been read and reread.
 I have decided to further explore areas and topics of which I know very little.

I have been so busy being a wife, mom, gardener, domestic engineer, librarian, friend, hostess that I have not spent much time on my grooming or wardrobe.
(It has been a simple routine with simple safe garments.)
In fact, I am coming late to this party!
I am discovering that this area interests me more than I would have imagined.
I do wonder why...I am not "full of myself", do not go out with the sole purpose of getting noticed, that would be uncomfortable for me.

I ran errands the other day and I got noticed, or maybe my clothing did! was a revelation to me...
I didn't mind the attention!

I wore my Simon Chang, Boucher pin, pearl chocker, dark denim jeans, new antiqued gold loafers, a simple tank, bag; Tory Burch. (Tory and Simon are made for each other!)
I felt good in what I was wearing...I even glimpsed my reflection in a store window and it made me smile!
What's up with that?

I have been perusing these books and drinking copious amounts of tea. 
Dayle Haddon has a site which is worth a visit, see for yourself.

I have an appointment with a skin care representative for a consultation this afternoon.
I want to hear from the expert what aging skin requires...besides a good diet, sleep and lots of water.

I am very casual today...I am in my fave DKNY worn denim jeans rolled up, black ballerina flats, a crisp white Talbots shirt sleeves and collar rolled up, shirt tales out, pearl choker and the requisite diamonds.
Not seeking attention, seeking comfort.

Seeking answers...the study continues...
will report back on progress.


  1. Before that skin consultation, get the New Yorker Style Issue (March 22- the cover is a head with butterflies all around it) and read Judith Thurman's piece on skin care. (I know you can get this, you're a librarian:))

    Her research boils down to this: the one topical wrinkle fighter that's been proven to minimize wrinkles is prescription-only tretinoin (better known by its brand name, Retin-A), available only by prescription. Even then, it's not without side effects — which suggests that the best way to deal with wrinkles is to stop worrying about them so much.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the New Yorker...I'll get that online and read it asap...before my appointment!
    I am not worried about the wrinkles so much it's the flaking, dryness, and lack of luminosity that are bothering me...I know that my face is also loosing it's elasticity and is starting to sag, in the jawline and eyelids for a start...I am not sure that my rosacea would handle the Retin-A it is very tricky and sensitive skin.
    Worry...well I hope that I am not coming across and too much of a worrier....just an "explorer" and I believe in being informed!
    Reading up on things...hey it's what I preach to the classes!

  3. Sounds fabulous, Hostess.

    Best wishes for the journey.

    Happy Easter!

    SSG xxx

  4. I love that you're doing the research for me..keep it coming!

  5. Hi, I have just started reading blogs.. Same - I am over 50, have never worried about fashion, never liked attention myself, spent all my money on the family, and now suddenly I want to look nice and am experimenting, even wearing heels which I have never done. GLAD to know ther are oldie blogs like yours.