Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bangles, bridges, birds, baby boutiques and boulevards....

Good afternoon! We are back at the hotel for a wee break before going for a quick bite before the hockey game. Lovely DIL is positively radiant, she looks so amazing, I feel very protective, son is in fine form too, getting into the tech part of things like baby monitors, car seats, they work. He's done his research, they both have, it what the kids do these days, it's all out there on the net.

I feel so blessed...I have a lump in my throat just typing this...tears well up.
I am so grateful for so many things, family is huge for me.

Time to sip a beverage and peruse some blogs, read some comments!
9 sterling bangles

First bangle closest right is a Tiffany, I've had it for eons...3rd one is the new one. I have another picture which is clearer.

New Tiffany is on the top, second down older Tiffany, rest are vintage.

On the way over the bridge to the north shore.

Heading to our fave fish restaurant for lunch...

Seagull on the 11th floor awaiting a snack...lucky fellow had some granola!

Baby boutiques from east to west, to north. (south tomorrow)...covered a lot of territory, saw some pretty cute's like "Mothercare gone Sweden" In my days of baby and parenting we had little to choose from so I ordered a lot from the Mothercare catalog, I hand knit all kinds of things and ordered Osh Gosh B'Gosh.
Today they have chic baby garments and fashionable furnishings!

Mr. HB did a mammoth job driving and navigating...we are not used to the volume of traffic but he knows his way around like the back of his hand.
The CD player got a work out...Leslie Feist, Kate Nash to name a couple.

Must be off...cheers for now,


  1. The bangles look great, mixed up your way. You have a story for everyone of them, which makes the set even more interesting! I´m so in envy; you get to choose baby clothes and these days there are so much more than in the late 70´s, when my first born was a baby. Around 90´s, luckily there was more to choose from.

  2. Hello Hostess of the HB, I've just found you via Semi Expat's blog. Love your bangles, I have a small selection of silver bangles that I haven't worn for a while - think I might dig them out!

  3. My mom used to shop from Mothercare all the time too! I remember being somewhere in Scotland when I was about 7 and seeing an actual Mothercare store!

  4. We used to have Mothercare here in Israel when my Jack was a baby. Lots of good things were found there.
    I love your bangles!
    And I want that seagull!

  5. I so enjoy personal collections like your bangles. One day those stories may be told by your grandchild.