Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lingerie day, an intimate affair.

This afternoon I continued my quest shopping the small independent retailer.....this time a fabulous lingerie shop!
I received personal service, did not have to guess my size, or go back and forth from the change room to the showroom. The sales clerk knew what would work for me and what would not and she brought in a variety of choices and helped me get the best fit. It was a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I have been shopping at this same store for about 20 years and I have never had a problem. The costs of the garments are dear but with careful hand washing they stay looking new for years.

I purchased a lovely set, bra and panties by Prima Donna as seen here...Chocolate brown and pink

After reading Jamie Cat Callan's book French Women Don't Sleep Alone I realized that my arsenal was in need of an lingerie day was scheduled and it was a huge success!

I usually shop twice a year for several basic bras and panties and am happy with the performance of the higher end quality companies that they carry.

My other set is basic but lovely and I think everyone needs a bra that disappears underneath a Tee shirt or top,  Rosa Faia Kelly

I use my Aveda shampure to wash my delicates...fill the sink with warm water squirt in a pump of shampoo and let soak and after 5 minutes, gently swish around and then rinse in warm water hang in shower to dry overnight...easy peasy.

And while we were out this afternoon my dear mom wanted to treat me to something in appreciation for the homemade chicken soups, errand running, book loaning and visits during her recent illness. I attempted to avoid the gift but when my mother has her mind set on something it does not do to argue, so graciously I accepted and this jacket was said "gift"...lightweight, will go with lots of colors, and a great little travelling piece (I am heading to Seattle in March) not expensive (just over $100) and totally fun.
The color does not show well in the photo, it is a neutral pea green goldish amber mettalic, even harder to describe with words than the camera!!

Mom and I enjoyed afternoon tea and scones in an English style tea garden, my treat, as we were parched and in dire need of restoration after our expedition.

Do you frequent small retailers? Do they greet you in recognition? 
Are you happy with the service received or does that even factor in your decision of where to shop?


  1. I love Prima Donna lingerie - expensive but worth every penny also love the look of the second plain set - tell me, do you find the fit to be as good? Would be v. interested to know.... Many thnks.

  2. What beautiful lingerie! Very elegant! And I'm so happy to get the tip on washing with Aveda Shampure. Oh, and I'm so glad you've enjoying reading French Women Don't Sleep Alone. You are already such a French femme! xo

  3. Semi Expat-The fit is great, and comfy too!

    Jamie-Thank you, I am embracing my Inner French girl chic! Thanks again, it was such a fun read!

  4. Hi Leslie,

    How funny you are showcasing a beautiful bra and panties and I'm showcasing a used pair of shoes. But it seems like we both love them equally. They are gorgeous by the way. I so love beautiful undergarments.

    I do shop at small, independent shops. I work in one too. I prefer them to the big places. Our regular customers are like family to us. They will be so excited to hear that you do handwashing with Shampure. Another great thing to love about Aveda. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Janet-Thank you! I left a comment about your shoes too.