Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I choose yellow just makes scents!

Did you know that the yellow primulas are the only ones that have scent?
I have 2 in a planter in front of my humble bungalow and the scent is very aromatic, so much so, that people comment and look around to find the source of the scent when they are coming up the steps!

On a whim to explore and get to know the small specialty shops in my city...
 I set out to re-acquaint myself with a French themed shop where I had purchased the Toile du Jouy bedding for the guest room and found a variety of decorative and sumptuous luxuries within.

I discovered the wonderful French aromatic diffusers by Lothantique, I chose "Wood" as it felt earthy and simple.
I have placed it in my main bathroom and am enjoying the subtle aroma radiating from the reeds.

Lothantique Reed diffuser

I have a Lampe Berger in the bungalow kitchen as we do not have a fan.
 I put it into service whenever I cook up a curry or fish.
 These small but mighty Lampes are surprisingly efficient at ridding the air of any strong smells.
They are available in a wide range of fragrances as well as unscented and neutral.

I was fortunate to get out of the store without completely emptying my wallet...very tempting treasures within the walls that called out to me. I did purchase that lovely green distressed pot in which the yellow primula proudly sits. I also bought some French lavender soaps, a Toile du Jouy sachet, and a scented candle. 
Shopping as a recreation is a dangerous thing...granted, it can be a sweet diversion or an uplifting experience but it can also become habit forming. I fear that I have a tendency to be weak in that department, instant gratification seems like a tonic of sorts...

Do you shop only for things that are needed or for fun? 
Do you have favourite shops that feed your soul?
Do you have a weakness in the retail arena?

I gravitate to soaps, shoes, scarves, handbags, sparkles, flowers.
What calls to you, buy me, buy me?
Are you strong or do you give in?

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