Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beef dip, bubbly and blog beautification.

Mr. HB and I rushed off to the Vet hospital tonight with our elderly cat Stickley as she was limping and meowing a lot...when we got there she rallied and "dodged another bullet"...huge relief...she is over 17 years old, that makes her 84 in people years, and you may wonder how I know! (they have a chart in the treatment rooms)
I made a quick late dinner which was quite tasty but not low cal...fried onions, mushrooms, leftover roast beef in soft buns, served with heated up gravy which was thinned it out with bouillion....voila, beef dip sandwiches. Not my usual fare but really delicious and considering it was 8 pm and I had not eaten anything since my salad at noon, I was quite peckish.

I sipped some bubbly tonight and "dressed up the blog" with many more photos...I have been hopping around visiting many talented bloggers admiring and lusting after the exquisite vignettes.
Hope that you like the "makeover" I think it is an improvement.


  1. Actually this sounds pretty tasty to me...yum! And have to congratulate Canada - (and you of course!) on wonderful opening ceremony of the Games...Great tarted up blog too - lovely photies!

  2. I love the new photos. My only request would be that you change the color of the labels over the photos. I can't really read that light spring green against the white....middle-aged eyes. A darker green I could manage.

  3. Well done. In my opinion nothing picks up the spirits like a makeover.

    I'm so glad your sweet cat pulled out another life.

    Happy, happy Valentine's Day.


  4. Dear Hostess with the Mostest
    Thank you for following my blog! Wow, do we have a log in common...I grew up on a Chris Craft. Both my Dad and my Grandfather had Chris Crafts that looked just like that. I think of all the summers I had to scrub those decks! I grew up on the sea with many photos that just look like that. I love Hermes scarves, I have a big pot just like the one in your garden, I give "Gifts From The Sea' as gifts regularly, I collect vintage brooches and the list goes on.....
    Keep bloggin, it is fun! Your blog looks great. It is an ongoing process, expect to change it frequently...for me it seems to depend which way the wind is blowing and the position of the moon!!
    Have a good one...
    Jeanne :)

  5. Welcome Jeanne!
    Wow we DO have a lot in common! How much fun is this connecting through cyberspace?...maybe you can post some snapshots of your family Chris Crafts on your blog. I must confess our kids did most of the scrubbing and polishing along with the skipper...I was in the galley feeding the crew!

  6. Your blog is beautiful!!!! I love what you have done with the place, and it was beautiful before! I am so happy to hear that Stickley is doing well. Please give your furry baby my love
    Hope you are having a lovely Valentine's day!!

  7. La Belette Rouge- I am honored that you stopped by, and humbled too...your comments are most gracious and received with thanks.
    I think Stickley takes after the every ready bunny...but I must confess my emotions are on the roller coaster with her ups and downs, sometimes it is hard to breathe...I am fortunate that my Yoga studio is close!
    Happy Valentines to you, Hugs!

  8. LPC- I posted about the color and changed it on your behalf and it would appear that my post disappeared? must be floating out there somewhere!