Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bags...the defining accessory.

Bags are something of which I am fond of...and on any holiday...I am given to surrender to....not break the bank or max out the credit card...just whatever I feel at that moment.... I can be impulsive and do not research or plan which bag to buy but rather I let the spirit of the moment guide me. I like to touch them, open them up, check out the inside, try them on, walk around, "test drive" them, they need to perform and feel good. It is a tough decision for me, I do not change bags often, I am a creature of habit.
Having said that, I am not investing a substantial sum on these, they are accessories that are functional.
I am off to Seattle soon and the idea of a new bag has crossed my mind more than once, maybe something summery?
If it were you....what would you buy? Would you research and plan? How much would you be willing to spend?

My humble collection...
Furla Carmen Shopper

Elliot Lucca leather bag
Elliot Lucca

Italian Berge leather tote

Vintage eel skin evening bag

Reptile vintage evening bag

Banana Republic leather clutch

 Every day Roots cross body bag,
 aka the workhorse!

Spencer and Rutherford leather wallet

 Does the bag that I can afford to carry label me?
I say a resounding YES.

I am of the opinion that bags send signals, they scream of economic class, taste, and are quite possibly the most important accessory for a woman.

I recognize the classics Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes...however they are not on my radar, with my humble budget and lifestyle they would seem out of place...(unless of course I found or was gifted a vintage one, and it would need to be genuine, never a fake or knock off!)

A few months ago, while at the Market, in front of me at the check out I spied a Chanel black leather quilted bag...carried by a lady of style, older, adorned by diamonds, and large pearls, clad in classic black, nothing screaming or too obvious...but she did open that lovely bag to pay for her purchases and I must confess there was a moment that I held my breath...maybe I made a sound, because she turned to look at me and smiled. 
I wonder if there is a Chanel in my future...a girl can dream!


  1. Ah yes. I have had two women, in line at the grocery store, look at my bag, smile, and lean over and say, is that a...and then they have both said, Oh, I have one too. I just love that color. There seem to be bag aficianados. Of course, anyone who hates it keeps their thoughts to themselves:).

  2. In answer to your question, you would install Google Analytics. That means signing up for an account, copying and pasting some HTML as directed. It took me a while to figure out, and I had to ask for help in the Blogger forums, but I managed eventually.

  3. I am currently on the lookout for a vintage straw bag. We are going to Palm Springs next week for our anniversay and would love to find one before that. I have one now but it one of the corners is looking a little frayed. I work with a young girl, she's 24 and she has a handbag collection that is out of this world. Beautiful Chanel, LV and Marc Jacobs. She and her mother are handbag crazy. I told her I want to do a post on thier bags. Wouldn't that be fun. Didn't mean to ramble on...

  4. You will be surprised by my response MS HB. i say, if you really want an LV or Chanel bag (Hermes bags are too sky high to consider imho), just get it. Instead of getting another bag that's kind of like the ones you already have, get the ONE of your dreams--IF you are a person who can be happy with just one for a while. I would guess that you are such a person (I am not). If so, you will surely spend at least the cost of a Chanel or LV over the next 5 years on things you don't like that much.

    As a frugal person, I know I could shave $100-$200/month off my budget without killing myself. If you can do the same, you can "pay for" your bag in a year or two.

  5. LPC-Yes I remember your post about the LV...I do not know if you have any other remarkable bags...maybe you do! Thank you for the technical advice I'll look into that area.

    Janet-Palm Springs! I love it there and have many fond sister's partner is there right now and it is 82 degrees...he golfs a LOT so they bought a place in Rancho Mirage which is on HWY 111 near Palm Springs...I have no idea where you are staying but El Paseo is a great shopping might like to buy your straw bag while there. Have a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary! Yes please post about your friends bags!

    Frugal Scholar-I am smiling, beaming in fact, at your brave suggestion and I am taking it under advisement...and you are so correct, I have skimped on things before in order to acquire and can do so again. Oh the dream is alive!

  6. My husband talked me into buying a LV three years ago in Paris. I have NEVER regretted it. We are not rich people, normally pretty frugal, but going to Paris changed it all. We began to appreciate nice things in a new way.
    At first I felt silly spending so much for a bag... but you know what? Every single time I carry it, I LOVE the feeling it gives me. It reminds me of so many happy times my husband and I had on our trips.

    Silly enough, I got another one the following year!!! Love it too!

  7. Teri- I love that you had fun together buying the bag..I have followed you for awhile and felt the energy and excitement in your posts! Mr. HB and I have purchased Hermes scarves and jewelry in much the same way!
    Nice to hear that you love carrying your bag(s)!!