Friday, February 12, 2010

Just 2 more sleeps sweetheart!

OK, I admit it I am excited!

There has been such an excitement in the air at school, a BUZZ...
I will be adding to that buzz with a bit of sugar...Valentine hearts for all students who remember to bring their library cards today!

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are about to commence... the Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for 4pm PST and Mr. HB is setting up the PVR to record.

Who will light the torch?

Will it be Wayne Gretzky?

In my humble opinion, I feel that if the athletes have made it this far they are all winners.

Good Luck to all!

Happy Valentime's!


Shiny red shoes, flowers...

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I am watching the last few torch bearers now! Terry Fox's dad just did his turn!

    I kinda hope it isnt WG doing the last leg :O(

  2. It's snowing here in the Deep South! Love the pleasure chest.