Friday, February 19, 2010

Handbag dilemma.....Fashionable luxe, love it or leave it?

Late 1890's antique country cupboard and 1950's silver.
Witness the juxtaposition of styles.
Does this work? 

The humble and the polished.

Worn and weathered,

chipped and crazed,


Does the shine and elegance of the silver elevate the humble cupboard or does the humble cupboard elevate the silver?

 "What IF" the Humble Hostess were to carry a luxe bag?
Think Louis Vuitton or Chanel to name a couple, there are many more...

The idea is carrying me away....Frugal scholar  has indeed given me pause to reflect with her recent comments about my proposed bag shopping.

She has blogged about buying a great piece of art when they were cash challenged...we bought a Chris Craft yacht the very same way! 
We had not yet paid off our mortgage, were living in a fixer upper, had 2  children in school, hockey and ballet lessons, Volvo payments, and a Golden retriever..."carpe diem" we seized the day and have never regretted it...blissful family holidays and memories that will live in my heart forever.

She is absolutely correct in saying that I am able to buy the luxe dream bag...

Stay tuned....



  1. I look at it this way...I like my money where I can see it - in my closet. Have a poke around ebay, etsy and other selling sites and check the prices of the vintage LV and Chanel bags. They seem to hold their value very well so if you need to part with the bag to pay for groceries it's not like you will have to give it away!

  2. Here's how I look at it, you could spend the same amount over a couple of years on "not quite" bags, or save up for what your heart desires. Suburban Princess is right that some of these bags hold value quite well.

    Also check out Ann's Fabulous Finds or FashionPhile for some gently used Chanel, LV and other bags.

  3. Hostess, you asked me recently what bag I would carry with all my navy blue? The same bag I carry with everything, even yoga pants. I have the LV Monogram Vernis in Amarante, a sort of eggplant, and unless I'm going out at night, that's all I carry. The price per wear will be very low indeed by the time I'm done. And it has lifted my spirits more times than I can count.

  4. Oh Bravo, you lovely ladies are my new Best Friends!
    Thank you for your encouraging comments.
    I'd offer you all a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly were we all together!
    I am off to check out the sites to see what I can find...and LPC I visited the LV site yesterday! I am already aware of the CPW and envoke that sensibility when purchasing garments so onto the CPC
    (carrrying) my new rationale!

  5. That's a heartening Criss Craft story! My benevolent advice is to physically see the bag, sometimes photos are deceiving re proportions or finish. (If by mail you can always return.) I own two deluxe bags (for me), a raspberry Bottega Veneta, bought on impulse, and a pale yellow alligator framed bag bought at auction. (Many used bags are in fantastic shape.) It had a pair of earrings made from sand dollars inside!

  6. Duchesse- My lovely DIL desires a Bottega Veneta, son has a BV black woven leather wallet purchased on a holiday and it was very pricey...I know they make beautiful luxe handbags..maybe you'll post an image for us? I did do some internet bag browsing and some were amazingly affordable! Personally, I feel I need to touch and feel any bag that I purchase.

  7. Love the silver on the rough wood, it looks fab. Get the 'spensive bag I say x