Monday, February 1, 2010

Cooking French avec mes amis....

Winemakers Soup
from the French Market Cookbook
This could be a meal on it's own but we served it as a first course.

We used all the kitchen counters in our 5 course meal preparations.

Gin and tonic to keep the galley slaves happy!

Our appetizers were olives, asparagus tapenaude, bread, and 3 cheeses.
Red Leistershire, aged goat cheese from Quebec, and La Sauvagine by Portneuf.

On the menu
Appetizers as above
Winemakers Soup
Grilled Tuna Steaks on white beans
Caesar Salad
Pumpkin flans

Our weekend guests have left and I am sipping tea, have caught up on my blog reading and am comtemplating a nap!
There was fun and laughter, good food, and much (too much!) wine.
We nibbled Bernard Calibeau chocolates and saw our friends amazing photos from Paris and Auvilar.

I received the autographed copy of French Women Don't Sleep Alone, a mustard yellow French shopping mesh bag from Paris, and some French food delicacies.

I must away as Jamie Cat Callan's book is calling....

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