Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eye-ing the flowers...and yesterdays highlights!

Spring is all dressed up and showing her colors. 
Time for me to lighten up too.

Behold, a new set of shadows "The Stone Collection" by Dr. Hauschka.

I had some highlights put in my hair to add some "light" and balance to the grey which has grown in around my temples. I have deliberated ad nauseum about my hair, grey vs. allover color or subtle camoflauging highlights. I did not want to be at the salon every month as my hair grows at least an inch a month so all over was ruled out...grey was getting me down. A head of silver white hair I would have  embraced, but unfortunately my grey is coming in patchy and predominately near my temples. 
Under the professional advice of my hairdresser I chose the highlight route...grows out gracefully, no real root issues, soft color, allows for the greys to do some of the work and can be "mane-tained" every few months.
I adore my hairdresser, she entertained me for 3 hours today while working her magic, and I feel rejuvenated and my hair feels so wonderful.

My new hair neccessitated softer eye shadow. 
I started with the shadow on the left, swiped it all over the lid and a touch just under the highest part of the arch of my brow. To soften and add some light, the next shade swooped over the outer part of the lid and the third to subtly define the crease just above the lid. 
The last shade is darker and more intensly pigmented and says "evening" to me so I will save that for a dramatic effect and candlelighting.

Just as liberating as spring cleaning, which infuses a refreshing airy-ness. I swap my color palette and switch up my lip colors and shadows, creating a sense of energy that transitions from spring to summer.

My homage to spring, a la Hermes, les jardins d'Andalousie.

J'adore Printemps!


  1. Dear Leslie,

    I think you are adorable!

    I am considering the highlight route myself. Just one more step to add to the maintaince list.

  2. Your new haircolor looks lovely, warm and natural. WOW, great scarf! I love how you've tied it.

  3. Janet-To paraphrase a Clairol ad you're worth it!