Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canadian dreaming in shades of GOLD and SILVER...

Canadians have a reputation for being polite and my experience I would have to agree with this statement....except when it comes to our National Sport HOCKEY!
Our household has come to a full stop of late, we are going for the GOLD...and the TV has been set on CTV and the PVR has been set up to record the momentous occasion.

Last evening, close friends came over and we ordered in Thai food which was yummy and sat glued to the TV as we watched the Canadian team beat Slovakia...and nearly let it go into a shoot out at the end...thank you to our goalie Roberto Luongo and his save! Phew!

Tonight we are going to walk over to my mother's condo and watch the game at her place....she is a bigger hockey fan than I am as she grew up in Trail, B.C. the home of the Trail Smoke Eaters! 

Whatever the outcome, whoever wins GOLD... it's been a wonderful show.
Go Canada Go!


  1. The stress is killing me!
    I got to the pub after the theatre last night and the game was 2-0! I chatted with a friend and looked up and it was 3-2!!!

    These boys better win gold - I have a great graphic you will love! I think I will put it up tonight (I dont usually blog on the weekends!).