Sunday, February 7, 2010

Excuse me!

When I read blogger mon avis mes amis post this morning I was quite disturbed. She had been enraged by a rude comment directed at her young children by a complete stranger!
Please take the time to read her post.

Some people display a distinct and obvious lack of decorum. Rudeness seems to be infiltrating our society at such a rapid pace I wonder where we as a society have gone awry.

Rudeness rears it's ugly head day to day, from the bull nose drivers who cannot yield or wait their turn to the pushy folks at the market. I for one do not feel that we as a society should stand by and be complacent or accepting of this and that we should show our displeasure and disapproval by politely reminding people that they in fact are out of line. If you have read the post of which I am speaking of you may get the gist of what is amiss. 

Manners, turn taking, sharing, polite conversation, was learned at my mother's knee. She directly supervised my interactions with friends from an early age. She reviewed and corrected my thank you notes and letters which were part of my training, and were required after a gift was received. 
(I also had a pen pal on which to practice my letter writing, we all did, that was grade 3)
 The telephone was not appropriate and stationary was as plentiful as soap was in our home. 
I also was sent to Charm School, not that I led a charmed life, (far from it!) but I did absorb the basics.

I am suggesting that quite possibly families are so busy working and parenting and tired/stressed as a result, that these lessons have been put on the back burner so to speak, and or completely tossed out with the garbage.
It might just be the ripe time for someone very savvy to pick up the pen, or laptop, and write a "How-To Book" on manners and their instruction with the goal of ridding our society of rudeness.
(and I am not suggesting milque toast)
Maybe Disney would consider an animated film on the subject? It might be a 2010 version of Animal Farm without the political metaphors.

May I suggest that the next time someone is rude that you gently remind them of this slight offence. I am not suggesting a full on assault, consider the situation and your risk first...maybe all that is required is a look...or an indignant pardon me did I hear you correctly? Or excuse me but I believe that I am next, or could you kindy wait for your turn? And please if you are in your car no "flipping of the bird" that is Rude!

In our school, we Expect and Encourage good manners and behaviour, we lead by Example and Instruct and Correct where necessary. It is constant and exhausting work however, we as a staff know it is in our best interests to persevere, after all we do not live in the Stone Age.

It has never been good form to throw stones...


  1. I am in the minority here, but I read the original post and I have to say I think Mom over-reacted. The woman was, I guess, joking (not a good joke, admittedly, but a common one). Mon escalated and ended up embarrassing the woman. Is that good?

    I have made many offhand comments that were misinterpreted and for which my punishment far exceeded the crime...

  2. Frugal Scholar- Mr. HB agrees with your comment.
    I think if the middling biddy had apologized the whole situation would have quickly de-escalated.
    I cringe when I think of some things that I have said over the years without thinking!