Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canada is HOSTING and I think we might need mittens!

Go Canada Go!

I promised photos....

I'll be clapping when we win....and even if we don't.
After all, I am a good sport.

These mittens are lined and very warm, AND I have my new red Mee Too kitten heels....on the other hand,  I could use some red boots, maybe those Hunters that I have been lusting after...and Valentine's Day is on the horizon!


  1. Very cute... now we need a pic. of you IN them all!! X

  2. AHA! I just found your profile and saw you are in Canada too! I just assume bloggers are American unless they say something obvious about being somewhere else lol!

    Are you close to the games? One of the bloggers I read is is there right now to volunteer...and a guy my husband works with is there to volunteer too! Cool EH?! LOL!

  3. Semi Ex- I thought of that but was alone and could not figure out how to shoot with the mitts on!

    Suburban Princess-I am not that close, but have friends who are right in the thick of all the action and they are reporting tales of tight security and road closures. I'll be watching the TV more than usual to catch the action, how about you?

  4. I am near Toronto so nowhere near the games! But I did see the torch 3 days in a row as it went through Ontario :O) I blogged about it in December :O)