Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's an unexpected pleasure to receive this award!

I have had a few technical difficulties getting this post ready, sorry for the delay!

I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award


First I'd like to thank Deja Pseu over at une femme d'un certain age for nominating me for this award!

I am putting on some special things......to help me get in the mood.

Some key facts about me are required in order to be eligible....

I happily accept this gracious award....

Seven things about me....

1. My favorite color is green, all greens, lime, forest, chartreuse, hunter, emerald, avocado, etc!

2. I am busty and short measuring in at just over 5 feet and was once asked if I impersonated the Queen ! (OUCH) ....I was in a round necked cashmere sweater set, pencil skirt and pearls....a BAD LOOK on my frame! The fashion gene skipped a generation...lovely mother and daughter are naturals, me, I need to work at it.

3. I have a tendancy to overreact...once there was a fire in the boys washroom at school, I smelled the smoke and ran screaming loudly "there's a fire in the washroom, there's a fire in the washroom" while waving my arms, into the office and the quick thinking assistant grabbed her tea kettle and ran into the boys washroom and doused the fire...I was left hyperventilating and attended by our secretary!

4. I was born tongue tied. (Luckily for me, it was fixed)

5. I am obsessive about doing laundry, I hate to have a hamper full. When we return from boating or a holiday one of the first things I do is sort the clothes and throw a load in the machine. I am also laundry challenged...somethings get shrunk, others are dyed pink...

6. I rarely understand or get the punch lines of jokes and cannot tell a joke...REALLY, cannot, always screw it up royally!

7. I am afraid of spiders.

Ready? Lights, camera, action....

I would like to nominate the following stars for this award....
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  1. Thanks for your lovely acceptance speech and for sharing those interesting tidbits!

  2. Deja Pseu- It was a wee bit of a challenge, thinking of the 7 comments and figuring out some of the technological bits. Merci!

  3. Hi Leslie,

    What a great list. I do feel like a know you a little better. And thank you for the award. I still have to post an award given to me by semi-expat! I'm really behind on my blogging duties and etiquette. Thank you for thinking of me.