Monday, February 22, 2010

Closing in on 55 and pushing the fashion envelope....ever so slightly.

NEWS FLASH...... Rumour has it that The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow is going to be celebrating her 55th birthday early next month. (It's true she is a Pisces)

I am excited and have a few plans up my sleeve...HINT HINT (and they all involve retail therapy!)
There are a few numbers on the birthday scale that are more alarming than others, and to me, 55 sounds like it has the ability to ring ALL the BELLS!!! Ding Dong X 55.
I think it is because I am eligible to take early retirement (and receive a reduced pension with the bridge payment). I do not "plan" to retire yet, but I attended an early retirement seminar last Friday which has really got me thinking...maybe too much! Pros and Cons...right now working 3 days a week I feel that I am semi-retired and I love my job.
I have had my locks highlighted, switched up some eye shadow and added a new lip color to my repertoire. (I need to lose some weight but that is an on-going issue and I have not yet figured out my plan of attack in that area.) I'll post on that when I am good and ready...if ever I am. But for now...
I  have been exploring alternate styles of clothing...I have been browsing the department stores to see what merchandise they are showcasing for spring and summer. I have bought and leafed through quite a few fashion magazines. I see many combinations that I would not be caught dead in, and many others that scream "Freak fashion". Lots are just way too young and many more do not embrace the ripple effect that I have going here!
I have tried those tight SPANX, but cannot abide shallow breathing...after all I do Yoga and we breathe deeply and fully expand the belly and the chest. It is detoxifying and de-stressing...and I practice whenever I am able.
I do not want to look like a 55 year old woman trying to recapture her youth or look remarkably tacky. Nor do I want to reinvent myself, or change who I am. I just want to try something new, a modification, and add a wee bit of fun into my already conservative wardrobe. It is a bit of a risk changing and bending a few of my rules, but it is not like getting Botox or having a face lift...and it's a lot less expensive.
I already own this Liz sweater in grape...

While my Volvo was in getting serviced today I had a 2 hour shopping extravaganza. I tried on more clothes today than I have done in the past 3 months! I tried combinations that I would not normally look twice at, colors that were brighter, styles that had more details, ruffles, frills, tucks, patterns and prints.
I was surprised by what I discovered...and even more surprised with what I bought and brought home!
New tee, and note there is a flower on the front, and it goes well with my Liz sweater.
My usual tee would have been one solid color. 

A bit of bling, black sparkles on a white tee.
How racy is that? I think I can hear some sniggling...

Wide ankle legged striped Gap pants with Vertical stripes and I actually look taller.
The wider legs are surprisingly flattering, go figure!

Pocket detail

Wanna-be Audrey capri's...I feel it's time for Tiffany's.

Asymetrical hemline, loose top which can be worn with capris, belted, or not!

Sequined flats

Bling for the feet.

I did not spend much, these are not investment pieces, and I did have a lot of  fun.
 I have a few new combo's and I will gently introduce these into my daily round and see if I get any feedback; positive, negative, comments or looks.

I know a great charity shop IF these fail to delight.

I am not the kind of woman who likes to wear Red Hats and Purple garments at the same time, all the power to you if you do, I have heard that those gals have Tons of Fun!


  1. Love the white top and flats. Check out Une Femme D'un Certain Age's blog--she's offering a red hermes type bag for sale. It might not be "the one"--but it's so much fun to look at the possibilities.

  2. Good for you for breaking out of the mold! 50 was terribly hard for me, I made Le Duc promise no surprise party, just all the champagne I wanted at my elbow. I like to mark those big birthdays with a piece of jewelry, and now I'm adding the "5"s, besides the "0"s. Do it up! Is the plan "the" bag?

  3. Frugal scholar-Thank you, and I plan to buy some canvas shoes like Ben Simons or Keds.

    Duchesse- Champagne sounds like a party to me! Jewelry, ah yes, I love it too and actually have a healthy collection, always room for more though!
    I am waiting until March when I go away and "try on" the bags on my wish list to see IF one of them will be mine!

  4. Love all your new things. I'm currently putting together my wardrobe for my long weekend in Palm Springs. I love packing for a fun trip, don't you?

    I really like the leggings with the long white t and flats. Have you tried the purple sweater with it? I bet it would look really cute.


  5. Happy birthday month, my fellow Piscean friend!!! Good for you for fete-ing yourself! I hear that 55 is the new 35. And no matter if that is true or not, no number can define us. Again, happy birthday!Happy birthday month, my fellow Piscean friend!!! Good for you for fete-ing yourself! I hear that 55 is the new 35. And no matter if that is true or not, no number can define us. Again, happy birthday!

  6. Janet- Packing is fun...sometimes a challenge for me as I tend to overpack! Haven't tried the grap sweater with the top and flats yet...will do soon. Happy weekend! I look forward to hearing about your getaway.
    La Belette Rouge-Thank you so much...what are you going to do to celebrate your birthday? What day is yours? Wouldn't it be wild if we were born on the same day!