Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stickley circa 2010...100 years later.

I received an early birthday gift from Mr. HB yesterday. We have been searching for a small scale chest or bureau for my lingerie...all my new French lacy "unmentionables", which I have mentioned, even blogged about and are all quite remarkable...and I am very happy to say that they now have a lovely "Home."

New Stickley Oak chest...

I have not filled it to the brim,
 so there is more room at the "inn."

Most of the furniture here in the Humble Bungalow is original arts and crafts circa 1910-1920 era mission oak, so this is a bit of a leap for us buying something new that is made in the" arts and crafts style."
The quality of the Stickley company is not in question, it is simply a fact that a piece like this would not have been produced during that era.
The company advertises it as a jewelry chest as it has several top drawers that are divided and lined in felt with a lock for security. As luck would have it,  the liners are removable and I kept several in place for some of my jewelry and the rest for my lingerie.

The company manufactures a large variety of furniture as I saw in the catalogue at the showroom. 
This might turn out to be one of several pieces that we might acquire...their catalogue is vast and very enticing.

The salesman was quick to point out that they do anything that the customer desires, just double the price and double the time for delivery.'s only money!


  1. LPC-Thank you! It's nice to discover a company that creates well built pieces in a style that is in keeping with our bungalow decor.