Friday, February 5, 2010

Bring on the weekend...

Crazed vintage pudding mould.

Crazy busy day.
I am home at last, busy day at school today in the library. We are gearing up for the Olympics and decorating the space in RED and WHITE with flags and posters and themed books. It looks a little over the top and we still have balloons to inflate and streamers.
Our new big screen TV is installed and we will be televising the Olympic coverage during the games so that students will not miss out when they are at school.
I purchased Olympic mittens to show my support and will be very challenging to type and circulate books at the computer...they did not have fingerless gloves!

I hope that the weekend has something wonderful in store for you.
I am planning to let the weekend unfold as it plans at present.
R&R for sure!


  1. Will you post a photo of your mittens? Please :O) I have some Canadian Olympic mittens I will be giving away on my blog!

  2. Suburban Princess-They are at work so I cannot right now, sorry!

  3. Bring back your mittens!!! We need to see them.....! but have a good weekend meanwhile...