Sunday, February 14, 2010

Roast Beef Sunday's best friend....the ever humble Yorkshire Pudding

I love roast beef Sunday dinners, a tradition in our family, I learned early how simple the dinner can be. Start with a good joint of beef, prime rib is my standard but can be costly, a standing rib is the next best.

I serve this roast with a variety of vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding with gravy. Some people find this pudding to be a bit of a challenge.

Mr HB gave me The Joy of Cooking back in 1974 and I have been using it ever since. You can see by the photo that the cookbook is falling apart! I do love to cook...I am very happy when hostess-ing a dinner here with family and friends.

(I double the recipe and use 2 large muffin size pans)
Have all the ingredients at room temperature.
Put a small amount of oil into each section of the muffin pans and heat in a 400 degree oven for about 7 minutes until very hot.
Oops! I have a dirty oven!

Yorkshire Pudding makes 12

Sift into a large bowl 1 and 3/4c all purpose flour and 1 tsp. salt

Make a well in the centre and pour in 1 c. milk, in a smaller bowl beat 4 large eggs until fluffy then beat into flour and milk.

When blended add 1 c. warm water and beat until bubbles form.

Remove hot pans from oven and divide batter among the muffin pans.
Cook at 400 for 20 minutes, then reduce temperature to 350 and cook another 15 minutes.

They should rise up over the top of the pan...taste wonderful with gravy.

Roast beef Sundays are not complete without Coleman's Hot Mustard and a variety of Hot and Extra Hot Horseradishes. We are always on the hunt for the best horseradish, Woodman's and Beaver Brand seem to be the favorites.

I hope that this works for you if you try the recipe, It really is very simple!
Your guests will most certainly be impressed!


  1. Oh my goodness your yorkshire puddings look THE BEST..... how I would love to be a guest at your table! XX

  2. The perfect Sunday feast- my husband made me roast beef yesterday for Valentine's day (no yorkshire pud though :() Yours looks delightful!

  3. Love your California garden--I have gardening relatives in both Southern and Northern CA.

  4. I have never dared to make a Yorkshire pudding. You make it look doable. I am a horseradish fiend and I LOVE Beaver brand.