Saturday, October 1, 2011

OOTD and a retirement soiree....

One of my former colleagues retired after 30 years of service and a surprise party was planned after work.
We gathered at a local pub listened to a local jazz band where we shared some stories and had a few drinks.
It was such fun meeting up with people that I worked with for 17 years at a former school.
We shared a lot of history working in an inner city school...challenges with the students made us bond together tightly.
Most are now retired leading full and active lives...
Retirement looks good on them, in fact I think they looked younger.
Maybe it's because they are doing what they feel passionate about and the fact that volunteering has become a regular commitment in their weekly round.
No frown lines creased their brows just happy laugh lines and lots of animated faces as they related all their news.
Topics ranged from travel to books and grandchildren, photos were shared.
I have not seen some of these gals for years but it felt like it was just yesterday the way we picked up where we had left off.
Ease, comfort, long lost friendships...

I wore my Moebius shawl 
with an all black ensemble.

black leggings
black long tunic V neck T- shirt 
Me Too snaffle animal print flats 

loose garter stitch 
made this knitting project a breeze
the alpaca yarn is soft and light
but warm and cozy.

I wore my hair up in a half up do
letting a few curly strands fall as they may

pearls seemed appropriate 
and of course my everyday bangles 

I wore some eye liner and wore a taupe eye shadow.
Evening events and smokey eyes seem to go together.
A quick lick of peachy lip gloss and I was good to go.

Dressed up for after 5 at work is not my usual look
because my principal commented on my attire!

Perhaps I should wear eye make up and pearls more often
and pretend there's a party every day!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. That scarf looks really good on you, Hostess.

  2. Looks good. Wish we would have seen a bit more of you!

  3. Lovely outfit, I'd wear all of it.

  4. The grey + the pearls great.Ida

  5. "Evening events and smokey eyes seem to go together." So true. And I vote yes on dressing like there's a party every day.

    The scarf is beautiful, nice work.

  6. You look tres chic!!! The shawl is divine.....just as I imagined it. I have not yet started mine, but you have provided the needed inspiration and motivation.

  7. How pretty you looked...very elegant, I love the pearls and the scarf is lovely. I think I need to make one of those, do you have the pattern?

  8. That's a beautiful shawl. I love the color, and with pearls - gorgeous! I'm thinking this shawl would make a good autumn knitting project.

  9. Another one here who thinks the shawl would be a lovely addition to the winter LBD and pearls. I'll be on the lookout for the right yarn, but perhaps with a bit of heathery hue for my colouring. Like others, I'd love to know the pattern.

  10. Your shawl is gorgeous, I can tell just by looking how soft and cozy it is.

  11. Here's the link to the fake moebius scarf directions.

    I used 6 skeins of alpaca yarn and knit mine 33 inches wide using a number 6 needle. I knit in garter stitch until there was enough to join the ends together.
    Any reputable wool shop would be able to help you figure out the gauge and needles for your chosen yarn.

    I hope that you have fun making one of these.
    It makes a great shrug over top of my nightie for reading in bed too!

  12. Here's the post where I mention the yarn, stitches and needle size...
    good luck!

  13. Your outfit looks perfect! It got you through a day of work AND took you out for a festive evening. And your scarf is lovely and which surely gets lots of wear.

  14. How wonderful. Just like everyone I adore the shawl. Do you have an Etsy shop as I do not knit!

    I hope you will visit my site and let me know what you think of my Autumn decor, so far.....


    Art by Karena

  15. materfamilias- I'd be interested to see what knotting projects that you have on the are a much more accomplished knitter.

    Karena- No I do not have an etsy shop...if you have a friend that knits it's a quick one to make. Good luck and I will check out your autumn decor.

  16. Such a lovely outfit! I love your Moebius shawl.

  17. Love that shawl and yes i think every day should be a party day! Sounds like a fab time x