Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend and thoughts naturally run to family...
thoughts of gratitude and blessings.

Fall is in the air and we are putting the Humble Bungalow Garden to bed for the season.

The Swiss Chard is nearly done and the last of the beets have been harvested today.

There are a few green tomatoes left clinging to the vine
which will need to be brought in soon to redden up on the window sill.

Leaves are in full autumnal colours.
There is a chill in the air
it is time to build a fire in the hearth and put on a sweater.

Thanksgiving brings a tinge of sadness...

some of our family will be together for a turkey dinner
and some...
those who have passed on 
will be huge in our hearts
I cannot stir gravy without recalling all those dinners before...
the sounds of laughter
the jokes
the noise and chaos that having a houseful brings.

My father's red vest and white shirt and cufflinks
his tie tied just so...
clever and witty
conversing on current events.
(he subscribed to 3 newspapers and read them everyday!)

My father in law with his quiet presence soaking it all in
his delight watching the grand kids 
as if they might disappear any second.
(meanwhile passing them a wad of crisp dollar bills)

I have gone through the photos of Thanksgivings past...
just to remind me how we all looked gathered around the old oak table 
set with the good china and extra chairs
candles blazing
wine glasses empty
sated and satisfied.

I have seen many bad hair do's and a variety of aprons 
on a red faced smiling Hostess.

Photos snapped without consideration of staging
red eyes
heads cut off
blurry images
 they do help me to remember those years of family gathered together here in 
The Humble Bungalow.

I looked long into the faces of my father and my father in law...
I shiver
it's like yesterday...
we miss them
and yet they are here in spirit
in our hearts
We will never forget those days.

Love, honour and savour your family...
time is so precious.


Hugs from the Hostess


  1. Lovely thoughts, Hostess. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

    Fall is coming to New Mexico as well. I moved the plants under the back porch to eke out a few more days of ripening, but the garden will be done soon. Balloon Fiesta is winding down and we got our first snow on the mountains last night.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. For the first time in 31 years we will be just two for dinner - such an odd feeling. Like you, I think of the ones no longer at the table, and have a post much like yours, ready to publish.

  3. Dear Hostess,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! You have a beautiful feast where you assemble those around you who are there and think of those who have passed. A family feast. A visual reminder for gratitude - and we have so much to be thankful for!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a lovely day with those you love and fond memories. I am sure the dinner will be delicious.

  5. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.Ida

  6. I hope I´m not late wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving !
    We have nothing like that over here, and so it always comes as a surprise.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you, I think I'll follow your prescription to the letter.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Hostess!

    I love that image of your father's red vest and white shirt with cufflinks. It's exactly the kind of outfit my sweetie wears :).

  9. What a warm hearted post. Occasions such as these always have the table crowded with thoughts of those who have been such a big part of our lives. I am sure that you are the perfect hostess and would love to see some of the images that you describe. Please share some of your photos with us!